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POP+ Circling

Hi everyone, so I’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog on the event on campus called POP because I feel that it needs the benefit of having its own blog. For those of you who have read my previous blogs, I promised to write about the must go to events on campus so that your experience at Warwick is fulfilled.

So basically POP is a weekly event that takes place in the Copper Rooms (the club on campus which is located inside the Student Union (SU)), despite having clubs in Leamington and Coventry to hand, many 1st-3rd years still want to party on campus because this event is so much fun! If you are apart of or are thinking of joining societies on campus I definitely recommend it because you have the opportunity to go circling with the club you are apart of. Circling takes place just before POP, where you all gather together either in the Terrace Bar, the Copper Rooms, the SU and other places to play drinking games. I went to this yesturday with the Pole Dancing Society which I recently joined and are still at the beginners level but I’m loving it. I cannot rave about this society enough! Everyone is super friendly, they are such a laugh at circling! Don’t worry if you are not much of a drinker and just want to hang out with them because you are not forced to drink at all, you can go at your own pace!

The types of games we played yesturday were: 21+, One Fat Frog and many others! They are ridiculously funny my throat is so sore from laughing so much! In case any of you are unsure, you don’t have to be apart of a club to go circling you can just turn up and you’ll be welcomed with open arms! Circling begins at 7 usually but with Pole Dancing it begins at 8 up until 11. Pop begins at 10 but you don’t want to be the first there so I recommend going around 11 if you aren’t circling! In addition, most societies usually submit a theme on facebook for each week, so for example yesturday the theme was Thrift Shop (wearing all clothing from a charity shop) other weeks I’ve seen Disney, Great Gatsby, Famous Duos, Toga, etc! There are loads and its great fun getting dressed up each week if you are a regular POP attendee!

Once you get into POP the atmosphere is booming! The music is my favourite part of the night as it features all the classics like Hips Don’t Lie, Never Gonna Give You Up, Livin’ On A Prayer and even some recent tunes like Justin Bieber, Macklemore, etc. It is such an great night and has been one of my favourite events so far I’m so glad it is weekly! The event closes up at 2 and by that time you are usually ready for a good sleep haha but it is a great night so if you’re lucky enough to get a place at Warwick Unversity and are looking for a fun night out…..POP is the place!!

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