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Politics SSLC updates

Hi everyone,

As I have mentioned before, I was elected as a Politics course rep in the ‘Staff Student Liaison Committee’ (SSLC).

I thought it would be worth discussing what we have been up to (and hopefully encourage you to run too!), but also to really give you an idea of how much the department cares about their students.

This year, I am working with a small subgroup to discuss Politics as a course and the possibility of introducing more optional modules; currently, Comparative Politics is the only module which makes the course different to Politics and International Studies (though it is an interesting module; I wrote a research project comparing transitions to democracy in Rwanda and Burundi). This is something the department is looking into but of course; like with anything, this is a lengthy process and there is no guarantee it will happen in the next year or so.

Additionally, I am in a subgroup to improve essay feedback – currently PAIS is one of the few departments which offers written feedback in essays and exams – which is amazing! Like with anything though, there can always be improvements and we are looking into how we can further ensure that feedback really is helpful for students.

Finally, I am in a subgroup looking into the dissertation module: whilst this is only for final years (I am a second-year), it is really useful to be involved as I will too, potentially be undertaking the module (it is currently optional).

We are also working on modules fair to provide students with information on second and third-year modules, which will hopefully ensure you make an informed decision. I was also involved in a better seminars campaign – looking into ways seminars can further be improved. We also work with the staff to discuss the sorts of areas to focus on; particularly in terms of careers advice offered, and a lot of our feedback is already being implemented!

Overall, I definitely suggest you run for the SSLC – you have the opportunity to directly discuss things with the staff, and like true democracy, they are held accountable to you so they most certainly do their best to listen!

Something which makes PAIS so great is the strong focus on student feedback; it is no wonder we achieved a high level of student satisfaction in the NSS last year!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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