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Playing your cards right in Term 1 (performance opportunities)

Emma Barnard United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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Hello all!


Welcome to your first term at Warwick! This post, I hope, will provide you with some information about performing opportunites and also some advice about choosing which projects you want to commit to.

So, there are so many opportunities available in term 1, particularly for theatre student freshers, and this can be somewhat overwhelming. However, it is imperative that you’re mindful of commitments you may be taking on, their potential effects, and trying to balance this amongst your other goals and, most importantly, your degree. The degree, obviously, is your priority so I’d advise considering any potential oversights before booking an audition and memorising extracts. (!) Admittedly I have auditioned for several shows and then had to decline recalls, or parts because I had grossly misjudged my free time and worked myself into a completely unnecessary stress. So, avoid bowing out awkwardly (and feeling slightly guilty and embarrassed) by planning or having a rough idea of what the term might look for you (although nobody is expecting you to have a day by day breakdown, by any means).

First, invest in a diary, put all your important dates in one place and have an overview of the week, look over timetables and identify free gaps in your routine etc. Although, please do NOT be pressured to get involved in activities immediately. As I have said in earlier blog posts, I was not involved in any student extra-curricular drama projects until my third term as I wanted to sound out university, find my feet and just enjoy watching plays rather than putting too much emphasis on securing a part (which seemed like an impossible task). Having said that, I do want to reassure any potential performers that auditioning at Warwick is safe, free and easy. My first audition here was the nicest audition I have ever had, and I thanked the team afterwards for making my first experience, and arguably my first big ‘risk’ at university, such a positive one. Also, I do want to re-iterate that there are so very many shows going on, all year round, theatre at Warwick does not operate on a first-come first-serve basis.

To just offer some more context around specific opportunities here, I shall list some of the main societies and what they stand for.

·         (Warwick University Drama Society)- the overarching society packed with shows and panels (which are opportunities for students to have a say in what plays are picked for prospective performance)

·         – a drama society intent on giving students the opportunity to submit their own plays and have them performed with funding

·         – a playful society that crafts devising and adaptation of dramatic work

·         – Warwick Improvisation Theatre Society- even if improvisation scares you, go, it is the best environment, well-ran and you can hone your skills

·         – above but with MUSIC AND SINGING (!)

·         Musical Theatre Warwick

If any of these interest you, like their Facebook page and stay updated.



I hope some of these tips are helpful and encourage to give something a try, or at least consider.






Emma Barnard United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emma Barnard | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Emma

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