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Plans for the Easter Break

Plans for the Easter Break:

This year we have our Easter Break for about a month during 17th March to 22nd April. These are my plans for this break:

1) Find myself:

At the end of the first week of the break, I think I have found myself back a bit. In the frenzy of the term, there is always society work, academic deadlines and friends’ plans revolving in my mind. In such times, sometimes it is tough to take a long break for yourself. I believe the first week of vacations has been an ideal time where I have found time to relax after a whirlwind ten weeks. I have been able to plan a study schedule, think more over personal issues and be more religious with the gym so far.

2) Brighton:

Quite a few of my friends have stayed back for this break instead of going back home. There have been some coursework deadlines approaching for few or others have just stayed back to prepare better for the upcoming exams. Staring the screens to the musing tones of lecture capture, scribbling endless notes, or going through the atrocity of finding the books in the library shelves is a norm in pre exam season. Thus concluded, we do need study breaks. So, for the first weekend of April, our squad has a preliminary plan laid out of staying over in Brighton. Hopefully the sun will be out and staring the sea with background music sounds enticing. For those who do not know, Brighton is a sea-side town of UK and particularly known for its beaches and clubs. But for those who know, I have either heard extremely good reviews of it or people jumping straight to ‘Why is Brighton so over rated?’ I will update you on my verdict in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

3) Part time job:

For 10-21st April, I will be involved in a job at the University’s nursery. This is something that I am really looking forward to! I was involved in exactly the same role last year. The nature of the role is that the Nursery holds a Spring break camp for University staff’s children and they drop their children to the place every day. We then hold different learning and entertaining activities for the kids like painting, drawing, magic shows or photography classes etc. The kids are aged 5-11 and quite funnily, the best conversations of my life sometimes have happened to be with this age group. I like working with children. Sometimes, it is just entirely funny to see how innocent their problems are or how I can relate my childhood in them.

To sum up, side by side, all that will be playing in my mind over the break is: ‘Work, Work, Work, Work!’ Since, it is just the small matter of 9 summer exams for me this time round. Lastly, no matter how refreshing the breaks are, I still miss the buzz of the term and cannot wait for the term to kick on again!

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