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Plans for my first ever four-week Christmas

Coming from sixth form, getting two extra weeks for Christmas feels great but I have roughly planned my days to ensure I don’t end up focusing too much or too little on any of my modules.

You might begin by planning to study every day but in my case, this simply does not happen. So, in my timetable, I have ignored all the weekends (yeah, you read that right). So technically, I have only 20 days to work. This is just to put pressure on myself and push myself to get more work done but also remember that if I work hard enough, I do get breaks! Additionally, this offers me a degree of freedom in case any of the tasks take longer than expected (which happens all the time).

This Christmas, I have a lot to catch up on, lots of revision for my mocks in January, lab reports to submit next year (that sounds such a long time away but what I mean is next month), an IT quiz (it still takes time!) and experiment. Experiment with different techniques so I find the best way to revise for my modules.

Currently, I am focusing mainly on understanding the lecture material. Going over all lectures and trying to grasp the main concepts. At the same time, I have not planned my every day or every minute because I can only revise what I feel like revising. Sometimes, I just want to draw mechanisms whereas at other times, orbitals sound more fun. Let’s not discuss enthalpy but bubble point calculations can be fun too!

The key is to ensure that there is a good balance between relaxing and revising so that vacation ends with no regrets. I have decided to head to my local library at 9am and spend my weekdays around books. Weekends would then be devoted to reading ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘other’ stuff.

Have a productive vacation and a lovely Christmas 🙂

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