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Plans after third year

With only two weeks left to finish my last term of Year 3, I thought I should share my plans for the summer and beyond. 

I will be undertaking a URSS placement under the supervision of Dr. Reinhard Maurer  within computational chemistry. Over the years I was able to develop my IT skills and have found a particular adoration towards computational chemistry. The lectures that we had in second year on Statistical Mechanics and the year three lectures we had on introducing Molecular Modelling have greatly helped me to realise this. 

The reason I decided on Dr. Reinhard Maurer is because he has an excellent reputation amongst computational chemists and his research also focuses on crystal structures and aspects of solid state I have been fascinated by in general. I am really looking forward to the completion of the research project and to learn more demanding, but at the same time rewarding computational skills. 

I will hopefully also find a part-time job that I can undertake on the evenings and I do still have the tutoring job to get me through June, July and September. Tutoring has become so close to my heart that it has become a part of me and this has been the first step for me to realise how much I would enjoy an academic career route. 

Originally I was on the MChem, which would have meant another year of doing exams and the fourth year being part of my current degree, however a few weeks ago I decided that this was not the right option for me. I realised that since I knew what area of research I already like, a more specialised route would suit me better. I approached the same academic as I was already interested by his research and have now a conditional offer to study MSc by Research here at Warwick. 

I may end up loosing my RSc accreditation as a result, will only graduate in January opposed to this summer, however I do not regret the decision I made as I will be doing something that I enjoy and it will get me a step closer to my career goal. 

I hope all of you have brilliant plans for the summer and for after that as well. If anyone has questions about life at Warwick or Chemistry as a degree, please get in touch.



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