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Plans after exams

It has nearly been a week since my last exam. After taking a couple of days to recover from the examinations, it is now a matter of what to do with the long holiday that I have ahead of me.

(If any first year Chemists are reading this, just to remind you – results come out on the 29th June. The results will be put up on the 4th floor Chemistry noticeboards and to get individual marks, you should contact your personal tutor.)

For the others, I hope my plans can serve as a sort of inspiration of what to do. I have always loved learning languages, so I’m going to try learning a new language over the summer. Maybe Latin or French. I must say that I find both languages fascinating! I’m going to try and get some language books out from the Warwick University Library if possible. Since I’m also trilingual, I’m also going to read a couple of German novels from Johann von Goethe.

At the university itself I know that there are a couple of events that will take place. On the 22nd I have to attend a meeting to do with the exec role at World at Warwick. On the 27th there is a talk about industrial placements and internships and I believe that there is also a careers event coming up soon. As mentioned above already, I’m getting my results back from my examinations as well. As you can see, even during the holidays the campus life is vibrant.

Although I have considered a couple of different careers, I’m still not 100% sure if they’re right for me and hence I’ll be trying to arrange work experience placements in different settings. A care home or shadowing a GP seems ideal to get a look into healthcare and maybe a placement at a law firm, since patent attorney seems quite intriguing to me, too.

Apart from that, I am mostly taking the summer to spend time with my family and friends. It’s been ages since I’ve been just out with my friends or taking my siblings to different places. This summer I will hopefully also explore a couple of different places within the UK.

I realise that Year 2 is going to be extremely tough, therefore I’m going to try and get a head start with my studies around September time. There will be a lot more modules and some of them might rely on Year 1 topics. If I cover those again and take some books out in advance, I’ll be prepared better once Year 2 starts. For the first year, this wasn’t really a worry as we got our books for free.

I know for many of you these holiday plans would vary. A lot of you might go on holidays; some of you might also be waiting for your results. For A Level students, I realise how stressful this could be, because the results only come out in August. That is why I’ll be doing my next blog post on just A Level results day – how to handle every scenario and what to do next.

This blog entry was more on a personal level, but I still hope it’s given a more accurate insight about me as a person. If you have any questions regarding Year 1 Chemistry, A Levels or university in general feel free to contact me.

Happy Holidays everyone! =)


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