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Planning your Summer

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Whether you’re coming to the end of your school academic year, have just finished your final term at uni, or you’re finished with university completely, you’ll be completely on top of the world and ready to finally have a carefree summer of fun! But with so much time on your hands it’s so easy to become bored within a few weeks, so hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to spend all your free time!

Enjoy some lazy time…

Sometimes you can get so caught up with planning your entire summer that you completely forget to actually take some time for yourself! After all the had work during the year you definitely deserve some time to sit at home, watch some Netflix and have a really lazy week or two off. 

Find a job…

Early into the summer break it might be a good idea for some of you to try to find a temporary summer job so you can fund your summer activities, or even save up some money for when university starts back up! A lot of small cafes and shops often look for extra help over the summer, but make sure not to take on too many hours or you could end up missing out on all the other fun stuff of summer because you’re working! 

Take a trip…

Some of you might be lucky enough to be going on holiday during the summer, but often this can be expensive and takes a lot of planning beforehand. So maybe look into taking some short-haul trips around Europe or even in the UK with your friends. Hostels and AirBnB’s are the best choice and are often easy to get to via train! 


Just as I mentioned before, doing something productive with your summer is always a good idea and so many places look for volunteers during the summer months too. It’s a rewarding experience, often doesn’t take up as much time as a paying job, and looks really good on your CV when applying for those dreaded graduate schemes!


I know I know it’s a horrible thought, but term time always comes round quicker than you expect so it’s better to be prepared! Spend an hour or two each week looking into your modules for the next year, getting your books ordered and ready, and even deciding on bigger things like dissertation topics! It may seem like a chore but it’ll really help you out when term starts and the work begins to pile up!

I hope this list has given you a few ideas of how to spend your summer but please comment below if you’ve got any other ideas too! Most importantly though, enjoy your time off – you deserve it!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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