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Planning to plan (to plan some more)

Plans are great but recently I’m coming around to the idea that action may be better.

I am most definitely a planner. In first year I turned up prepared for every eventuality I could think of. My budget was on a spreadsheet, my meals were always planned out well in advance, my routine was strict and unyielding and it all kind of worked.

Now though, I don’t feel like I can remember how I used to manage it.

It took a pandemic, but finally it feels like something has stolen control of my plans. It’s really not all bad though. Yes, my plans are crumbling, but I think I have probably done more in this first half a term than in either of my previous two years.

It might be a minor example but I made pizza with my housemate this weekend. I love making pizza at home. It’s a day long process that I always look forward to and, as much as I have always wanted to and spoken about making pizza at university, I have been extremely effective at finding reasons not to.

These reasons now seem kind of flimsy and I feel like I have exposed them for the excuses they are, but in the past they always seemed so concrete. Any little issue would be a deal breaker but by setting aside tomorrow’s problems for tomorrow (not neglecting them), I have gotten so much more done in this first half term.

I’m sure that a lot of people don’t suffer with over-planning in quite the same way and may have always been willing to put things aside on the spur of the moment but it has taken a lot for this to happen for me and I wanted to mention it for others out there who might be in a similar position.

Plans are great but I think action may be better. This term has had me really conflicted. It has been really tough adapting to online learning and trying to keep up with the third year workload but in between all of the difficult points, it has also been one of my favourite terms at university. Being trapped at home isn’t so bad if you take the time to act on all those plans that you and your housemates have said you would do one day in the distant (and often purely hypothetical) future.

I’m not trying to be a motivational speaker here but I hope this might help someone whose strict adherence to routine isn’t working quite so well now that we have all had to yield a little bit of our power to circumstances. I believe I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll share my favourite quote from literature once again to finish and I hope that it can help you to make the best of the terms ahead:

‘Never let a rigid itinerary discourage you from an unexpected adventure‘– Josiah Bancroft, Senlin Ascends

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