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Planning for summer – what I’m hoping to do!

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Hello everybody

Throughout my time at Warwick, I have realised that an integral part of one’s university career is to make the most of the extensive summer holidays that us Warwick students fortunately get given. With our final term typically ending in late June, our summer holidays can last around 3 months – a very generous amount of time to relax and recover from the hectic exam period that populates term 3! However, although I love to use this time to take a breather and put my feet up, I also see this long summer break as an opportunity to get involved with things which are difficult to do whilst I am at uni. In the past I have used it to do a couple of work placements and bolster up my CV – the summer is perfect for trying out different types of jobs and identifying if you enjoy them or not (perfect for informing your career choices in final year). Yet for this year, with a job thankfully sorted out for when I leave uni, I hope to use this summer to do some travelling and enjoy the summer break before I enter the (extremely scary) world of work. As a result, here are some of the few things I have either booked to do, or am hoping to organise over the next couple of weeks:

Warwick Surf summer tour

Having joined Warwick’s surf club this year, I’m hoping I can go on their summer tour which will be a great way to round off my final year. They’re planning to go to the south of France for a week as soon as term 3 is over – and after having been there last year for an Erasmus reunion, I know how incredible that area of the country is. This would also be my first ‘Surf’ tour as well, which is something I’ve been wanting to go on ever since I joined the club.

Longitude festival

This week I was lucky enough to secure some tickets to head to Longitude festival, which takes place in Dublin every year! I’m going with one of my mates from home for the Saturday part of the festival – where headline acts such as: Tyler the Creator, Diplo and Travis Scott will all be playing. I’ve never seen any of those acts before, and I’ve never actually been to Ireland, so will be able to tick a couple of things off the bucket list by heading there this summer.


With a lot of my friends heading to Monash this year, as well as having some family friends out there, I’m especially keen to head to Australia this year and see what it has got to offer. I’ve never been to that side of the world before so it will be a completely new (and incredible) experience. With quite a few of my flatmates having been to Monash last year, I have heard all about how stunning the country is and already gotten a few tips off them to help me with my future travels out there.

Start learning to drive

Surprisingly – and rather embarrassingly – I haven’t learnt to drive yet. Thankfully for my post-uni job I won’t need to drive as I will be using the tube to get all around London. Despite this, it would definitely be a good idea to start learning to drive this summer and get a few lessons under my belt!

So those are a few of the things I’m looking forward to doing this summer, and will hopefully fill up most of the time I have before I start work in the capital city. For anyone reading this who has just started uni – or is still doing their A-levels – I highly recommend you make the most of your university summer breaks to relax, take a breather, and get some work/travelling experience under your belt – all of which will come in handy during your final year and post-uni life

Alex Humfryes | German and Business Studies Contact Alex

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