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Planning Easter

The first two weeks of Easter are up and what have I achieved? An ever-bloated stomach and in-depth knowledge of Friends quotes. While after a hectic second term a rest is definitely needed, I’m not sure 5 weeks on the sofa is entirely essential. I’ve decided to plan the rest of my holiday to avoid unnecessary Term Three stress (don’t worry, it’s not ‘all work and no play’).

I’ve nearly completed one 4,500 word essay, which I’m telling myself I’m leaving for a while to look at later with ‘fresh eyes’. While I am quite happy with this, I want, no, need to complete two more before the start of May. I have an idea of what to write about and what arguments to make, but I need to get researching, planning and writing. If I just try to do a little something every day, it will get done without too much slaving in the library (hopefully).

With an injury and winter blues, I’m not going to pretend like my body hasn’t suffered. Now my body has mainly recovered, I definitely want to get back to activity and eating better, I no longer have the injury excuse. I also haven’t been meditating recently, an activity I love to clear my mind and prepare for the day. I hope to get back into this to stop brain overload with essays and exams.

It is Easter, after all. Next week, I’m joining my friend in Paris with her parents, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been to Paris before but I was quite young and don’t really remember it, so I can’t wait to take in the sights with fresh eyes. I’m sure a petit Parisian café will be just what I need to finish off those essays I have (in between shopping, of course).

There are several things I need to do in preparation for my year abroad to Monash before term starts again. First I need to officially receive confirmation from Monash that I’ve accepted, and apply for accommodation, insurance, VISA, that sort of thing. I also want to start thinking about what I want to take with me, as my exams are set to finish in week 8 of next term and with all the end of year celebrations I’m sure time will run away from me.

So there’s my plan for the last three weeks of Easter. I’ll see if I can check off all the things on here, and if not I’ll rush to get them done hehe. Make sure you have a nice rest, but also try and get some important stuff done for limited panicking next term.

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