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Planning ahead

Looking at some other student blogs, it is amazing to see how different things are happening for everyone. Some will be going home to enjoy their reading week while others seem to have exams. I am focussing now on my second lab report due in about five weeks.

However revision shall continue alongside simply because I cannot afford to stop it. In the end, it all comes down to how you work. Everybody is different. Some can do things last minute and still produce work of great quality while others like me have to start earlier on. At university (and outside), it is really important to understand how you best do things. Make sure you experiment with different techniques for everything that you do ranging from taking effective notes in lectures to forming effective strategies to ensure you wake up on time for your 9am lectures.

Reflect upon your A level (or equivalent) revision techniques. Not all of them might be applicable but consider what went good and where you might have gone wrong. Even if you plan to not begin revision before term 3, this might be the time to plan your revision and decide how you’re going to revise two terms’ worth of work (in my case, 2.5) in the time you’ll have available such that you finish on time and manage to cover all the topics.

Since my life mainly revolves around revision and library somhow has become my primary accomodation, I’ll be blogging about revision strategies more as I explore my options.

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