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Places to Visit Off Campus

Tosin Sonubi
Tosin Sonubi | Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Contact Tosin

So it’s week four, and you’ve explored pretty much all campus can offer you. Thinking there must be more to life at Warwick but not quite sure where to go?

So here’s my quick guide to the best places to visit around campus.


Leamington is a student town comprise of the main high street, the Parade, and mostly residential areas. I would recommend exploring Leamington as a first-year as a lot of 2nd/3rd years end up living there, so it’s good to familiarise yourself before you take that plunge. Leamington is excellent for hanging out with friends at restaurants, cafes, bars or outside, for instance, in the Jepson gardens. There are also activities to do in Leamington such as bowling, going to the cinema and the trampoline park. During winter there’s the light switch on which is a lovely evening and a chance for a luscious hot chocolate. Whereas in summer you can go boating down the River.


Kenilworth is a quaint town which has the main high street and residential areas, but to a lesser extent than Leamington. The main attraction in Kenilworth is the Castle; it’s a lovely location for a walk or a picnic during the summer, and it’s easily accessible from campus. At  Kenilworth Castle, there are seasonal events such as fright nights for Halloween, fireworks for bonfire night and festive days over Christmas.


Coventry is the closest city to University, and as a city, there is always a lot going on. It has a wealth of shops, restaurants, bars etc. and it’s therefore Somewhat popular with students. Personally, I haven’t been to Coventry much, but when I have, I enjoyed it greatly. Some of my favourite things to do in Coventry are going to IKEA, laser quest or ice skating.


Birmingham is famed for its massive shopping centre, the Bullring, which is attached to New Street Station. The Bullring has almost every shop you could imagine so I would recommend it if you are in need of a little retail therapy. Additionally, in Birmingham, there’s the O2 Academy which is great if you want to see a concert by one of your favourite bands or artists. For those of us who are international students or just wanted to go on holiday, Birmingham Airport is the closest airport to campus, and it flies to most locations. Birmingham is also known for having a fantastic Christmas market which I highly recommend checking out in November and December.


If you’re impartial to a day trip, I would recommend Stratford upon Avon or Oxford.

Tosin Sonubi
Tosin Sonubi | Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Contact Tosin

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