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Places to study on campus/off campus

I’m sure a lot of you can relate when I say studying from your bedroom gets boring. Especially if you are someone who is used to working in groups on campus. I thought I’d do a post on some of the places you can go on campus to study – if you want a different view.

1. The library

The library has 550 spaces available, but these are for individual study. You can sit on floor 1 and 2 for online discussions but the rest of the floors are for silent study only (a bit like how the rules were before the pandemic). You can check the space availability from the library website.

If you need a book from the library, you can go but there is a rule which only allows 1 person in the aisle at any time. You should also wash your hand frequently especially if you are touching books/equipment. I would recommend having a look on the library website to see if they have an online copy of the book you need. If they do not, then you will also be able to see if there are any available copies in the library and reserve them. This might save you a wasted journey to the library.

Opening time: 8:30 to 00:00

2. Learning Grid Rootes

The Roots Learning Grid is in the Rootes building which you can enter through the door under the big screen TV on the piazza.

The Grid has 94 spaces for individual study. Like the library you can sit in an area where online or virtual discussions are allowed. You can also decide to sit in a space where it is quiet, and you can concentrate.

opening time: 8:00 to 22:00

2. Learning Grid Leamington

The Learning Grid Leamington has 24 study spaces in total. These include 17 study desks and 7 desks with computer. You have to remember that these are bookable desks only. The link to book a desk is:

Opening times (term time only):Mon – Fri = 12:00 to 22:00Sat – Sun = 09:00 to 17:00 

Just some general rules to remember if you do decide to study in these areas:

  • wear a mask when you are inside buildings
  • follow the ‘one way’ system
  • maintain distance from others as much as possible
  • use the hand sanitizer to wipe down the surfaces you use

You can check the availability of any of the above spaces and others on campus using this link:

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