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Places to study off and on campus


During my first days of the first year, I discovered the University of Warwick library. It was eight pm – way past my bedtime – and I dragged one of my hall-mates along with me to look at books. Initially, I marveled at how big the library was. Back at home, I was used to smaller spaces where there were a couple of computer screens. At the time, I was excited to explore the library more and eager to study there.

However, as the term wore on, I abandoned my goals to study in the library. Quickly, I realised that the library was always crammed with people (or desk spaces where people abandoned their stuff). After this, I was determined to study anywhere else other than the library. I am happy to say that over my two years on my degree, I have found many places to study.

1.      IKEA

Living in Earlsdon, IKEA is a half an hour walk away for me. It is nearly as close as University. I tend to study in their café area. It is a great place to study because they give free coffee on weekdays (if you have an IKEA family card). Also, they sell cheap full English Breakfasts and Swedish meatballs. Therefore, I am not breaking my budget nipping into places on campus (cough cough Rootes Grocery store). Also, I find that my main distraction when I study is other people. I am a social person and I will spend hours talking if given the opportunity. However, at IKEA, I am not surrounded by any of my friends. It can get a bit loud, especially during lunchtime. However, if you need a bit of noise in the atmosphere or listen to music when you are studying, it should be fine.


2.      Chaplaincy

The chaplaincy for me is very cosy. They have beanbags, a microwave and coffee (for a small donation) and a fridge and freezer to store food. What more do I need?


3.      University House learning grid

I am ashamed to say that I only discovered the University house learning grid at the end of the second year. Till then, I had been missing out. I expected it to be packed to the brim with students, but really, it wasn’t. I guess many people are not bothered to walk all the way to University house between their breaks at Uni. However, it is a quiet place to study and very close to the University House Café.


4.      Empty rooms


Back in the first year, I discovered that you can book University rooms! I exploited this to the max, booking rooms whenever I wanted to revise in a group or at busy times during the day. The advantage of booking rooms is that I had as much space as I needed. I tend to be that person who takes out all my notes and books and spreads it everywhere. It is also a very quiet environment especially if I am studying in a small group. 

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