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Places To Revise In Leamington

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and are coping with the exam season stress, whether you’re a University student or a prospective student currently doing your A Levels, good luck for your exams and I’m sure you’ll smash them! One major issue I’ve been having is finding the best place to revise where I’ll be the most productive. The Warwick campus library is great but it gets full up so early in the morning and I physically cannot wake up that early, otherwise I pretty much won’t get any work done. There are other places to study on campus like the learning grids and the Oculus, even some empty classrooms if you have permission. So if you’re in your 1st year at Warwick, you’re sorted because you can just hop out of your halls and easily go somewhere to revise, but when you live in Leamington the morning bus is too much of a trek (well for me personally).

Nowadays I can’t work in my bedroom because I get too tempted to watch youtube videos and lie down on my bed all day, evident student struggles. So I’ve been venturing out in Leamington to figure out where I can revise.

The first great place is the Leamington Learning Grid, which is probably the best one because it’s specifically for Warwick students who live in Leamington. It’s situated in the Town Hall which is opposite the Co-Op and Bills on the parade, near Wagamama. There are a number of rooms with desks and computers and some group rooms, some that you can pre-book online and some that are free for anyone to use. You’re limited to a 5 hour booking a day, so I normally will book a 5 hour slot for 3-8pm and then work somewhere else in the morning, OR I book 3 hours for the morning, have some lunch and book my remaining 2 hours in the afternoon. Some people don’t turn up for their booking, so if you’re lucky you can take a seat that is empty if it hasn’t been claimed in the first 15 minutes of it being booked. You can click here to book study desks, computers or group rooms, but try to do it as early as possible because during this exam period they can get booked really quick! There are also printers there for you do any printing you may need.

The second best place is the local Leamington library, which is situated in the Pump Rooms. It’s quite small so probably caters for only approximately 50 people but if you get there at the right time then you can find a seat. Recently I’ve found that you need to get there by 10am-10.30am to get a seat, otherwise it’s best to go after lunchtime so around 1-2pm. It should become more free though as the days go on and more people finish exams. The only downside to the library is that it’s open till 6 or 7pm – if you only work from 9-6pm then it’s perfect for you, but I normally like to work until 8pm. So what I do is work in Leamington Library during 10-1pm, go home and eat lunch and then have a seat booked at the Leamington Grid for 3-8pm so I work there for the rest of the day.

Other good places to revise are the open park areas in Leamington. I see loads of people revising on the grass area that is in between the Pump Rooms and Pizza Express. Jephson Gardens is also good because there are a few benches around there. However, I don’t know if working outdoors will be any good now since the fab summer weather has instantly disappeared, also it’s no good if you’ll go crazy from hayfever (like me).

There are a number of cute quiet cafe’s around Leamington which are perfect for revising in. There is a new one right next to where I live called Procaffeinate, which overlooks the canal so is a great place to revise. I pretty much always see students in there with their laptops, so definitely check it out if you want to try revising somewhere different to your room but you still want it to be small and enclosed. Coffee Architects is also another good cafe that has an outdoor area, BUT it is pretty busy most of the time so unless you have headphones, it might not be that good of a place to revise.

Those are my top few places to revise in Leamington – I know there isn’t that many but Leamington is pretty small so it is a struggle to find a good place to revise. Hopefully this post has helped those of you who didn’t know about things like the grid in Leamington and the local library, it’ll save you from making treks to the campus library at 7 in the morning! If I find out any other good places to revise in Leamington then I’ll be sure to add them to this post, or if any of you have any then please add them to the comments below. Good luck everyone for your exams!


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