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Places to go to for support services

1. Residential life support team

A resident tutor will live in your halls with you. They’re usually your first point of call for any issues you might have whilst in accommodation. Especially in your first few weeks. They will help you if you begin to feel lonely/homesick or are having problems with other members of your accommodation. They’re just a friendly face you can chat to every so often and can point you in the right direction if you need further support.

2. Warwick SU advice centre

As you may already know Warwick SU is independent to the university. They can try to help you with a large variety of things. Whether you just need someone to speak to and get some impartial advice or whether you want them to look over a housing contract for you which is one service that they have provided over my time at university.  

3. International student office

Going to study in a new country can be daunting. The culture is different, and you very rarely know anyone else there. The international student office is there for you both before you join the university of and once you’ve joined. They have an online chat function where you can speak to someone about any queries/concerns you may have. Their website is tailored to help you gain as much information as possible when joining the university.

There are so many different people/places you can go to, to get advice. These are just some and are ones that I think are important to know of.

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