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Places to eat, in and around Coventry (September 2020)

Whilst I’m not going out as much as I normally would, it is nice to be able to resume some sort of normality and be able to eat out again. This month has been relatively quiet on the ‘eating out, in and around Coventry’ front, as I’ve been away for a few days and my little lunchtime buddy has now started school! But, out of the places that I have visited this month, these are my pick of places to eat out….

The White Lion, Coventry – The White Lion is a cosy country pub, in Allesley. I have visited the White Lion many times, but this month is my first visit since the pandemic and I have to say, I felt very comfortable there. I pre-booked a table, for lunch, and we were seated in a room off of the main dining area, which was nice. The staff were friendly, the service was good, and the food was nice. I found the menu to have a good selection of dishes, and there was a ‘sandwiches and lunch bites’ section, if you fancy something a bit lighter. The ‘duo of lamb’ – pan-fried lamb rump and a Cheddar-topped shepherd’s pie with roasted carrots, green vegetables and a red wine jus – was yummy!

For more information about the White Lion and to view the menus or to book a table, visit:

Myrtle’s Coffee, Coventry – Myrtle’s is a great little coffee shop, on the Albany Road, in Earlsdon. They serve a selection of toasties and buns, homemade cakes and (obviously) tea and coffee! The service is excellent, the staff are friendly, and the homemade cakes are delicious. As I’m a bit of a creature of habit, when I visit, I usually have the ‘Porker’ – BBQ pulled pork, cheese, homemade slaw in a brioche bun – which is just delish! But I can also recommend the ‘Honey Ham’ and all of the toasties are good. I don’t think that you can go wrong there, to be honest. So, as they have no website, all I can suggest is…pop by and try it out for yourself. You may well find that you quickly become a regular!

Morrisons Café, Coundon – Now, I wouldn’t normally recommend store cafes; however, in the current climate, I do think it’s important to recognise the places that are doing a good job in making their customers feel safe. Not everyone is ready to eat out, at the minute, and when people do start to eat out, they want to feel comfortable. I’m certainly not eating out as much as I normally would but, what I have found is, I’m going back to those places that I feel most comfortable at. And I think that the staff at the Morrisons Café, on the Holyhead Road, are doing a great job of making the café clean and safe, for all of their customers. I’ve eaten there three times now, since lockdown ended, and on each of my visits the restaurant has been clean, the service has been quick, the food has been nice, and the staff have been friendly. Plus, it’s so reasonably priced. I’m a big ‘breakfast’ fan (…especially when I’m not cooking it myself) and you get a lot of choice with a Morrisons’ breakfast. Plus, they do an ‘afternoon tea for 2’ for £10 – now, that’s just a bargain! So, here’s a snippet of the menu, just to tempt you…..

…And, one last point, wherever you do decide to go to eat out, please ‘stay safe’ and remember to wear your mask, wash your hands and maintain the recommended social distance. That way, hopefully, everyone can feel safe enough to start eating out again soon.

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