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Places to eat, in and around Coventry (January 2020)

January is usually a pretty dull month – you’re on the come-down after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, you never have any money and to top it off, the weather is usually grotty. So, I was thinking, what can I write about that will bring some new year cheer to my fellow students, and I thought that you can’t get much better than ‘food’! I love eating out and there are loads of nice places to go for a bite to eat, in and around Coventry. So, I thought I’d write a monthly blog about some of the eateries that I have visited, to give you some ideas of where to go and what’s on offer. These are my pick for this month…

Loch Fyne, Knowle – during the month of January, Loch Fyne are taking 50% off the price of their a la carte mains. This offer doesn’t require a voucher and is valid every day. However, the 50% off doesn’t apply after 6pm on a Friday or Saturday. I visited there a couple of weeks ago. I had the sea salt & pepper squid starter, the Goan seafood curry and the crème brûlée, and I can recommend all of it. Obviously, only the seafood curry had the 50% off, but, unfortunately, I can’t resist their crème brûlée! For more information about the restaurant, and the 50% off (valid up to Friday 31 January 2020), click on the following link:

Goan Seafood Curry, at Loch Fyne:

Thai Dusit, Coventry – I visited the Thai Dusit many years ago. I remember the food being good, but at that point I hadn’t visited Thailand, so I didn’t really know what true Thai food tasted like. Now, on my second visit and having eaten lots of Thai food, I can say, I thought that the food was really good, and I will be returning. I had the Tom Yum soup starter and the chicken green curry with boiled rice. I really enjoyed both courses. However, I would say that the evening menu is a little overpriced but the lunch menu is pretty reasonable. You can get 2 courses for £9.95. So, if you fancy some tasty Thai food, it’s certainly worth a visit. For more information and to have a look at the menu, click on the following link:

Astley Book Farm, Bedworth – I’d known about the book farm for quite a while before I made my first visit, in December last year. Since then, I’ve been back a few times. What a great little place! I’ve brought my daughter there a couple of times. She loves going up to the Children’s Hayloft and having a look at the books. There are little tables and stools, and a vast selection of children’s books to have a root through. Plus, there’s a great coffee shop there which serves good food and delicious cakes. So, we always have a bite to eat and leave with a few good purchases. They have a great selection of books, and there’s the ‘ten bob barn’ (which I haven’t visited yet), which houses a selection of unsorted books, which cost 50p each! And, I’ve just found out today, you can use your National Book Tokens to pay for books, which is even better! To find out more about the book farm, follow this link:

Children’s Hayloft, at Astley Book Farm:

Hopefully, this blog has given you some ‘food for thought’ (lol!!) and you might decide to try somewhere new this month! 🙂

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