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Places On Campus You Need To Visit On Open Days

If you’re coming to either of Warwick’s open days in October, here are several spots you will want to visit. Ok, so these spots on campus are not essential to visit, but in my opinion are must-sees for those who want to fully appreciate Warwick culture



You may recognise the Koan as the face of many prospectuses and promotional images for Warwick over the years. Unfortunately, this has been moved from outside the Arts Centre while it is being refurbished, however if you fancy a fairly nice 20-minute walk from central campus to Gibbet Hill you will get to experience the legendary monument in all its magnificence.



As soon as I heard about Lakeside and Heronbank accommodation, I was adamant that I wanted to live there next to the lake. Taking a stroll around Lakeside is something that many students experience on open days and pledge to do so on a regular basis if they come here. This is also something that they do approximately zero times when they do actually come to uni (probably due to the lack of space not occupied by aggressive geese). I actually did go for a walk there during exam season in my first year, but quickly left after being overcome with the stench of goose poo.


The Oculus

You will likely have lectures and seminars here and will probably also study and revise here on a regular basis. It’s an aesthetically pleasing building and is also a strong candidate for the building that makes the most inefficient use of space possible.


The Library

The space that many students sell their souls to. At the time of writing in term 3, it is a place of boredom, sadness and despair. Note: at every other time in the year it is also a place of boredom, sadness and despair. Floors 1 and 2 are for people who say they want to study but would really rather spend the whole time talking to their friends than do any actual work. Similarly, floors 3, 4 and 5 are the silent study floors where people convince themselves that they will be productive, when they really spend the whole time snapchatting the fact that they’re in the library. In all serious, maybe check this out because you will probably have to spend a lot of time here, especially if you take a humanities degree.



Not really. I just want you to do the long walk so you can appreciate how inconvenient it is to ever go there.


The Piazza

This is genuinely a great social space. When the weather is great, everybody appears to unanimously decide to congregate at this amphitheatre-like area. (It was absolutely packed for the football this summer). The food market takes place here every other Wednesday, which miraculously coincides with all of the offer-holder days. The ice cream van also makes regular appearances here alongside a variety of charity fundraisers and performances from student societies and sports clubs!

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