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Pizazz 2018

At Warwick, there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved with societies, especially if you are interested in performing. The music societies host concerts throughout the year, the drama societies organise numerous plays and productions, and the dance societies have lots of shows! I’ve been involved in the dance side throughout my time at university, and I have loved being able to collaborate with other societies. As a result, I have met lots of new people, performed at charity events and got to perform in front of some varied audiences.

The best example of collaboration and team work is undoubtedly Pizazz. Organised by Warwick Tap, it is the largest dance showcase at the University of Warwick. (In fact, last year it was my job on the Tap exec to organise it!) The show brings together around 12 different dance societies for two shows to raise money for a local charity. It’s such an exciting event since all the performances are so different. From bhangra to Irish dancing to salsa to ballet, the range of talent and diversity never fails to make me happy.

Pizazz 2018 was last weekend. I joint-choreographed the beginner/group tap dance and so I was excited to see the dance performed on stage. Watching novice and experienced tap dancers sharing the stage was lovely and made me so proud of their hard work! The show was an astounding success and hopefully will have raised lots of money for charity!

For more information on the performance societies, have a look on the SU website.

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