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Pizazz 2016!

Last weekend saw over 250 dancers from 13 dance societies descend on the Royal Spa Theatre in Leamington for Pizazz. Pizazz is a huge dance showcase organised by Warwick Tap, and it is such a fab way to celebrate all the amazing dance societies that we have here at Warwick!

Since it is organised by Warwick Tap, there were several tap dances, from beginners through to advanced, and there was also an American Tap dance. This is not performed with music; there’s just the sounds of the tap rhythms, which is definitely something a bit different, and the audience seemed especially impressed with this performance!


What I loved the most about being part of Pizazz though was how it brings together many of Warwick’s dance societies, and means the final show is so diverse and exciting! There is something inherently thrilling seeing breakdance on stage, then pole dancing, followed by lyrical, Indian Classical, cheer, argentine tango… There is so much dance talent at Warwick and it’s fab to have the opportunity to celebrate that!


As well as being part of a couple of tap dances, I was also a runner for the show. This involved me making sure all the dance societies were side stage and prepared to go on and dance in time, and generally helping out the Tap exec. Albeit very tiring (think lots of running between dressing rooms!) it was so much fun, and really gave me an insight into how big productions like Pizazz are organised and run. I have so much respect for everyone involved in the planning and running of Pizazz; an incredible amount of hard work was put into the show, and it is safe to say it all paid off! From my friends and flatmates who came to watch I have only heard glowing reviews and praise for all of the dancers, and I feel so proud to have been part of such an amazing show!

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