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Pictures at an (Open Day) Exhibition: No Longer Bounded by 140 Characters

The Warwick summer open days were last week – perhaps some of you were visiting? As a member of the Warwick Welcome Service, it’s one of our biggest events of the year, so naturally, I was working. I had a bit of an unusual role – I was put on the @YourWarwick Twitter account for both days. That meant walking around campus, taking a lot of photos and getting frustrated at being one or two characters over the limit. So, here are a few pictures…

Humanities Garden

This is the garden in the Humanities Block, which you can get to from the Humanities Cafe. While I was there, I spotted some baby moorhens, and they’re so cute! They’re tiny and I didn’t want to scare them, so the photos of them are a little bit blurry and taken from a distance.

Baby Moorhen

The Humanities pond is by no means the only bit of water on campus – the pond near Maths, Stats and Computer Science looked lovely in the sunshine…

Zeeman pond

Of course, Open Day means that campus is pretty busy. The Piazza was a hive of activity – campus tours started from there, the eateries were business as usual, and the Open Day Exhibition was on in Panorama in the Rootes Building. You can see a lot of the other WWS getting ready to take tours or just being generally helpful outside the Campus Tours tent.


Of course, I could hardly do a WWS event without mentioning the Warwick duck density. So, naturally, I walked down behind Bluebell to take photos of the ducks down there. It started out so well…

ducks on water

I even got a picture of some geese (from a distance)…


Then I looked down…

ducks by my feet

Eventually, they got bored of me, so I walked down the path a little bit more, and spotted some baby ducks on the water…

baby duck on water

Once again, I looked down… There were actually six of them, but it was hard to get them all in the photo.

surrounded by ducks

I don’t know how long I stood there waiting for them to leave me alone, but I think they were expecting to be fed…

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