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Pick up a Book and Get Reading!

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I know an English student professing their love for reading is by no means headline news, but don’t click off this blog just yet. We all have a bit more time on our hands at the moment, and I’ve been trying to use it to wade my way through my reading list. In Sixth Form, I did almost no reading for pleasure and fell out of the habit altogether. My new year’s resolution was to make time to read everyday, which has been largely successful so far, but lapsed as deadlines have built up. So, reader, I want to galvanise some enthusiasm to use this time at home to get back into reading.


By nature of my degree, I have to do a lot of reading. It’s mainly articles and academic journals, but reading nonetheless. By making time to read books I want to read, it’s become an activity of enjoyment and relaxation, rather than necessity. I don’t need to lecture you on all the benefits of reading more, or how most CEOs of the world’s biggest companies devote 30 minutes a day to reading, or how it could help your degree – you already know that. But I hope this post reminds you of what you already know, and maybe even persuades you to swap Netflix for a book today. Personally, I can feel quite lethargic if I’ve spent the day in front of the TV, but get a sense of achievement if I’ve finished a book. 


I would really recommend the app Goodreads. You can track your reading and log the books you’ve read, and read reviews before you fully commit to a book. I’ve set a target for myself on the app to read 50 books this year, and it kindly lets me know how many books I am behind my target. I’ve found this pretty motivational to pick up my book, and hopefully it will work for you too. 


A final tip to leave you with: try non-conventional methods of reading. The Book Store on Apple devices, or the Kindle equivalent, allow you to get most classics for free, and all books are usually much cheaper than the print version. Alternatively, you might want to give audiobooks a try. With these, you can read whilst going for a walk or doing chores around the house, if sitting still doesn’t work for you.


Hopefully these tips will help you to get back into reading if, like me, it’s something you’ve run out of time for recently. 

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