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  • poppyloppy

    hoho great meme!!! i like it because it’s funny AND true!


    • phoebe123

      WOOOoW aren’t engineers clever ;P


  • e^(iπ)=-1

    From my perspectives: Sometimes, it is important to note that we have different accuracy levels when dealing with things addressing the manipulations of numbers. Using π as 3 may be true in some cases that generally do not need the sense of accuracy. Understanding π mathematically, we may want to “define” π by means of limits (like that of e=2.718…). What is really “mathematical” is the sense of using limits to proceed the studies and more importantly the sense of establishing a logical and thorough system of these limits that enables these theories concerning the limits to explain themselves. Thinking about the second crisis in Mathematics, brilliant mathematician used a new concept of limit to re-define derivatives by tangents instead of secants, which soon gave rise to great validity of Calculus and made Calculus boost quickly to become a big help in nowadays Analytical Mathematics. So, here, the idea of mathematics, from my perspective, is not about investigating whether π can be approximised to 3, rather it is about how we are going to prove π=3 in a delicate but powerful manner if we do think so. Approximating π to 3 could be an analogy with using limits in Calculus in terms of describing things. When we believe something true or not true, we have to specify the the necessary and/or sufficient conditions of using it. Calculus cannot bear π=3 to be true, and the most rigid study cannot bear dy/dx = f’(x) due to an infinitively small difference, both of which originate from the difference in accuracy that we need to specify as part of a necessary condition of using this approximation so as to believe true.


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