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Hi everyone!

The PAIS department here at Warwick hold various outreach days — you may have even attended one of these yourself!

I highly suggest you attend – I spoke to some students who attended the day; and they found it super useful. The involved: a welcome talk from Justin Greaves (the Director of Student Experience and Progression), a campus talk, a discussion on the types of things you will study – such as elections, the Syrian conflict and immigration.


I previously wrote a blog post on my process of applying to Warwick through adjustment. This is one route which you can take — and one which isn’t as popular but worth looking into if you are eligible!

In terms of the department as a whole; PAIS is such a great place to study — my US module is extremely relevant right now and having a lecturer who is well known in the field makes it so much more exciting!

There are tons of benefits to choosing PAIS: the academic teaching is regularly assessed to ensure that seminar tutors and lecturers are teaching in an engaging manner, modules are chosen due to their contemporary nature; allowing for a liberalised curriculum, there is tons of support available; your personal tutor, academic staff, seminar tutors, the DSEP… etc, tons of social activities; such as the PAIS Christmas party, weekly PAIS film club events and so much more!

I would also like to stress that there is a lot of help in applying; if you aren’t sure if you are ‘the right student’ for the department, have any concerns, not sure if you are eligible etc; feel free to either email me or the department — they are super helpful!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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