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Party Time!

My Grandson celebrated his first birthday yesterday. I am still not sure what happened to the time between his Mother being one and now. Then I look in the mirror and it tells me that Time was busy creating wrinkles and grey hair for me to enjoy! Back to the Grandson. A group of us went to The Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, we had hoped to go to Twycross Zoo but went for the dry option instead. Teddy (Grandson) loves wildlife and especially adores penguins, a love shared by one of his Uncles, so much time was spent watching and admiring these fascinating birds. I can see many hours of going to the zoo and various wildlife parks in the future.

The end of year CLL party is almost here. As so much of the year is spent saying a snatched hello across a car park, I relish the opportunity to have conversations with people I only see a couple of times a year. There is also a chance to have a go at a bit of salsa dancing. This will be a warm up for Monday, when the WI has a belly dancer coming along to the group and, I hope, show us the ‘moves’. I will let you know how this goes and how effective the pain killers are when I have put my back out!

Last week the University opened the doors for prospective students to come and look around. I work as part of the Warwick Welcome Service on these occasions and really enjoy them, even when my feet are aching at the end of the day. This year CLL had a session on each day to promote our courses, as other departments do. This was a chance for prospective CLL students to access all the information they needed at the same venue and time as everyone else, including having tours and visiting the exhibition. As I chatted with some of these hopeful students I felt this went well and made them feel included within the ‘family’ that is University of Warwick.

Next week I start my Internship and am looking forward to the challenge, though as always when starting a new job there are feelings of nervousness too as the adrenalyn starts to make its way through the blood vessels. I shall blog about the experience as I go along. I also have a birthday, though generally these are best ignored now, could be an excuse for another party maybe :)).

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