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Part time work whilst studying

I am sure for a lot of you moving out for university will be the first time you are living alone, and you will have to cook/clean/do your own grocery shopping. I thought I would tell you about some of the part time work I do to help me manage my money at university.


I am involved in a variety of work. These include blogging, Warwick Welcome Service (WWS) and Democracy Assistant (DA) at the Students Union (SU).




I am a student ambassador for WWS. We work with the Student Admissions and Recruitment Office on a variety of activities. Some of the ones I have been involved in are open days, widening participation events, school visits and higher education fairs.


At open days, the roles tend to be varied, some of the roles you may be doing are campus tours, accommodation tours and way finding (which include pointing people in the right direction and signing people in). During school visits, I worked with students ranging from 11-16-year olds. One event I went to was to help GCSE students start deciding what potential career route they want to follow. The education fairs involve speak to large groups of people about the university and my experiences with different things. For those of you who take part in Pathways to Law or attended the Warwick Scholars insight days, you might have seen me helping out at the events.


The advantage of this job is that the role is extremely flexible. You can decide what shifts you want to work. This allows you to fit in jobs around your studies.




The SU hires in a variety of roles across the year. As a DA I am involved in the election that run throughout the year. We have the All Student Vote (ASV) where students propose motions and they are debated. These motions are usually policies that students want the SU to lobby the university for. One of the major events that I work at, is the Spring election. This is where students elect their sabbatical officers for the coming year. It involves helping candidates with campaigning, keeping candidates occupied while they are in the welfare room and helping conduct the candidate question times.


This year, we had a democracy review. This involves looking at the way the democratic processes of the SU are carried out and how they can be improved so that students are more involved and aware of what happens in the SU.




Blogging (as I am doing now) is also another part time role I am involved in. I post a blog every two weeks. I have the freedom to write on topics that interest me and topics that I think are important for students to know about. As a Warwick Scholars Blogger, my blogs are mostly directed at Warwick Scholars but can be read by anyone if they want to gain an insight.


The good things about working for the university/SU is that the pay is a lot better than a normal retail job!


The above is just a small snapshot of the jobs that are available as a student. I have friends who work in food outlets, our on-campus copper rooms where we have our nights outs and other venues across campus. If you have any questions regarding working on campus or finances in general feel free to drop me a message or comment below.


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  • Luise

    Hey! It sounds super interesting to write blogs or work as a student ambassador! I will soon start to study at Warwick and I wanted to ask how I could apply to these jobs?


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