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Part-time Jobs at Uni

Daira Povez Gamboa Peru
I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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How can I find a Part-time job during my time at Warwick? this is a very common questions I have been asked several times and I must admit that It was one of my biggest queries when I was a freshers!

My experience consists in many part-time jobs at university in the welcome week team, welcome service or the economics department. These jobs allowed to meet a lot of people (new students and alumni) and mostly enjoy what I was doing: giving advice, helping or welcoming someone to Warwick. I find these jobs quite easy and enjoyable and that is why I have been doing it since my first year. Warwick staff and professors just treat me well and the task are far away from being exhausted or demanding, at least in my experience. I always highlight that uni pay me for doing what I love: meeting new people and talking, using instagram to connect with Warwick followers and walking around leading campus tours. Sounds great for you as well?

On the other hand, some friends work in pubs, clubs or restaurants in leamington or near uni. If you want a role like this, go for it but I am happy I am not taking that way as I have heard many bad experiences: people don’t get paid on time, bad treatment from managers and more… and yeah I think have an extra money during university is important because I don’t want my parents to give more money, we know International fees are indeed very expensive; but I want to have a good life too, I want to be able to travel around the UK and Europe, to go for a drink with my friends and to a club; however, I would never work in a place that treat me badly!

Warwick let me work in a flexible hours based work and have fun at the same time. Some of the works I have had in my years at Warwick are the following:

  1. Student Blogger
  2. Marketing Content (Instagram Takeovers)
  3. Economics Student Ambassador
  4. Welcome Week Helper
  5. Welcome Week team leader
  6. Discover Economics Intern (internship of the Economics department and the royal economics society)
  7. Library Associate
  8. Library newsletter (writer)
  9. Warwick Welcome Service Ambassador
  10. Student Happy Ambassador

Looks like a huge list right? I promise every job was really enjoyable, straight forward and interesting: from writing blogs like this one, to doing a Instagram takeover from the official university instagram account (yes, they paid me for using instagram and as a massive Instagram fan, let’s say that I was going to use Instagram those days quite a lot anyway), to helping organising economics events, to doing campus tours with economics prospective students or leading welcome games.

If you want to work during university, I would recommend you to keep an eye in different university websites: Warwick su, your department one and Warwick welcome service. Looking to the Library website is a good idea as well; and when you least expect it, you will be working as much as I (or maybe not that much) and earning your own money and being to feel you are even more independent. It is a feeling I was looking a while and finally I got it when I came to Warwick.

Daira Povez Gamboa Peru
I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
Find out more about me Contact Daira

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