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Pancake Day!

Like many things in life, I didn’t realise it was Pancake Day until I opened social media which told me that was today, in more ways than I’d have liked to be told, since at the time I was very hungry and felt too lazy to make them myself. However, after seeing so many pancake variations, I was inspired to make my own (also I had no milk left to eat cereal). They turned out better than a lot of the food I make, and with the time I spent making them, being less than perfect-tasting wasn’t an option. Anyway, I was quite proud of the outcome so here they are:


With such busy schedules and endless contact hours, it can be quite difficult to fit in time for things like this, but at university it’s still possible to maintain traditions, and even start new ones! So whichever way you make your pancakes, or don’t make them – have a nice day either way!

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