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Pancake Day & Life Update (Stress)

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and are happily pushing through the last week of term (if you have exams or assignments) or you’re having fun on the final nights out of Term 2 if you’re free.

I thought I’d show you all the yummy goodies I ate on Pancake Day because obviously everyone loves pictures of food, I’m sadly having flashbacks of the fab day – Pancake Day should be everyday! However, I’m yet to go and try one of the crepes you can buy in the Library Cafe?! They look amazing, hopefully I can remember to go and try one before I leave Warwick in a year’s time haha. In terms of Pancake Day, I went to Bills in Leamington Spa with some of my flatmates since they were serving special pancakes all day everyday for Pancake Day and the week prior to it. I got the banana strawberry pancakes, omg they were amazing, they came with ice cream and fruit and everything!


It was amazing, and THEN me and my flatmates made pancakes at home to celebrate even more. We used the Mary Berry Orange pancake recipe which my Mum uses religiously, however we just increased the size of the pancakes to make them a bit bigger. We then threw on some nutella and stacked them up so I could take a fancy picture and be content before we dug in and demolished them.


Pancakes are simply the best.

Now for a little update on what’s going on with me! I’ll start off with some good news – I FINALLY SECURED A SUMMER INTERNSHIP. I’m not sure if I’ve actually mentioned the struggles I’ve been going through in terms of internship applications and going through the stages, but it has been intense. I probably applied to 30-40 summer internships since November and have been rejected by pretty much all of them, some at the first stage of the recruitment process and some at other stages down the line. I’ve done so many telephone interviews, video interviews, online tests, I was starting to give up hope with the idea of being able to secure one. But I’m SO happy to say that I now have one! If any of you are interested, I’m doing an internship in Human Resources, specifically in the Talent Acquisition team. It’s starting on the 12th June so hopefully I’ll be finished with my exams by then… If any of you would like me to do a blog post with tips on internship applications, the different stages and most importantly the assessment centre stage, then I’m more than happy to do so! I now know the in’s and out’s of all the struggles so I can potentially provide some help for those still in processes of their internship applications, or for those who will need to apply for some in the next academic year.

My bad news isn’t technically bad news, it’s more sadness and stress. I just submitted an assignment which I’ve been working on, but I am now revising for a Biology class test (basically an exam as it’s worth 80% of our module) which is on Friday, so I sadly can’t go out and have fun this week 🙁 I have fun things planned for this weekend though which is all good, but today I had to say no to a Smack Tuesday and it was heart breaking. So if any of you are like me and have an exam/assignment due at the end of the week, just know that I feel your pain. Its okay though because we have the Easter break right round the corner! Do you guys have anything fun planned? I only really have revision and assignment plans made, fun times, but I’ll let you all know if I get up to anything fun!

Oh also, I went to the ASOC ball on Saturday and it was so fun! I might make a blog post about it and feature some pictures, because I’m sure some of you would love to know what going to a ball at Uni is like. Here is a picture of some of us in our Asian outfits (I’m on the very left in the pink and yellow outfit)!


It was so so fun – food was amazing, music was great, I’d definitely recommend it if any of you are picking a ball to go to next year! I went last year and obviously this year, so I’ll definitely be there next year.

There’s nothing else I really have to update you all on. But I hope you all have an amazing last week of Term and a fun start to the Easter break. I’ll speak to you in my next blog post!


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