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PAIS: #1 in the Russell Group for Politics in 6 Categories

Hi everyone,

This is more of a “top 6” than the “top 5’s” that I have been sharing this month, although PAIS are to blame for doing so well in the National Student Survey (NSS)!

The NSS is a national survey (as the name suggests) asking finalists about their experience with their university department. The results were recently released and PAIS is #1 in the Russell Group for Politics in 6 categories (which is also the department’s best performance against its key competitors which shows their willingness to improve according to student needs!)

1st for Learning Opportunities

Seminars are a great opportunity to explore ideas and/or concepts in depth. That doesn’t mean to say that your learning opportunities are restricted to the classroom- though. I presented my second-year research on Democracy in Burundi and Rwanda during the “International Conference of Undergraduate Research” during my study abroad in Melbourne! Opportunities like these allow you to apply what you have learnt in a more “real-life” setting, proving that PAIS view their students as partners, collaborators and producers.

1st for Assessment and Feedback

The PAIS handbook includes a clear “marking criteria” so you know what sort of things your markers are looking for. You can also discuss this, and more specific questions about your essays, in detail during your seminar tutors “advice and feedback” hours where they will be more than willing to help you!

PAIS is also quite unique for providing individual written feedback for ALL year groups on both essays and exams so that you can fully understand your markers logic and why they gave you the grade that they did. Especially in your first and second year, this feedback can also prove really useful to improve your future work.

1st for Academic Support

There are various people that you can speak to for academic support. To name a few:

– Your personal tutor is there to help answer any broad questions related to your course

– Justin Greaves, the Director of Student Experience and Progression, is there to answer any specific questions or concerns you have

– Your seminar tutors and lecturers will hold “advice and feedback” hours where you can visit them without booking

1st for Organisation and Management

I personally think that my course has been well organised and managed. It is clear what modules I need to do in order to fulfil the requirements for my degree, and essay marks/feedback have always been published in a timely manner.

1st for Learning Community

There are SO many opportunities available in PAIS to work with other students. I have been part of the SSLC for my course for two years where I represent the students on my course to ensure that their views and concerns are taken on board. I have been a Student Voice Ambassador, PAIS Ambassador, and a Research Assistant which have all made me feel part of a “community” of other student and staff.

1st for Student Voice 

The SSLC is one of the main ways that you can provide feedback about your course. There is also an anonymous online page where you can share any feedback that you have (this can be accessed from the PAIS Intranet). You can also speak to people such as your personal tutor or Justin for more urgent queries. The PAIS office staff are available to answer any broad questions you have.

Ultimately, these NSS results are very well deserved and I am so pleased to have been part of the PAIS community during the last four years. Graduation is very soon and I can’t say I am looking forward to leaving…

Shanita 🙂 xo

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