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Packings Lists: Bedroom Edition

Following on from my previous post about packing kitchen supplies, this blog is going to be about packing things for your university bedroom. It can be tricky to fit your whole life into one room, especially as your new room may be smaller than your current one! I’ve split this list into different sections to highlight the key things I think are important. 

Soft items

These include items like a duvet cover, sheet and pillowcases. I take two sets so I have one to use while the other is in the wash. I find that getting a colourful bedding set really spruces up a room! I also brought a blanket with me; though I didn’t really need it as my room was always warm. It reminded me of home though, and again, it was bright and colourful. A cushion or two is certainly not a necessity but can make your room feel more homely.  

Desk and stationary items

What stationary you decide to bring will probably depend on which course you are doing. Being a science student, I write all my lecture notes on lined paper which I then separate into module specific folders. Some of my friends prefer having different notepads for modules, whilst many humanities students like to type their notes on a laptop. It’s worth experimenting and seeing what works for you! I like having my own laptop to do research on since it gives me flexibility to work where I want on campus. Other items which I personally use all the time are pens, pencils, a rubber, ruler, holepunch and stapler. It is worth noting though that pens are often freely available at Socs fair and careers fairs, so you could always stock up then! Items like notecards and highlighters are useful come revision time but can be bought in Wilkos in Cannon Park or in Leamington Spa. For science and engineering students a calculator is often very useful too. 


Packing clothes is tricky, especially for Term 1, as the weather can vary so much. It is a good idea to have a range of warmer weather clothes as well as some rainy/cold day clothes. Having a hoody and decent winter coat will help you prevent getting caught out by a cold spell and having a pair of boots or warm trainers may also come in handy! I would recommend taking some going out clothes and shoes as well if you fancy going out on campus or in the local area. Word to the wise regarding club nights on campus: they are often fancy dress (so be prepared!) and the floor can get sticky so I have some specific Pop shoes I wear when I go to Pop! 


This category is probably self-explanatory! Potential items include: shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, any medication and makeup. If you have an en-suite you could bring some toilet roll and cleaning products too. 

Bonus items

These are my favourite items! Bringing photos of friends and family to pin up are a lovely way of personalising your room as well as reminding you of home. There are often poster fairs at the start of the year, along with plant fairs! I have become a self-confessed plant mum since being at university, and honestly, there is no better way of making your room homely (and feeling like you have your life together) than having a plant or three! 

I think the most important thing to remember is that most things can be bought if forgotten. There are shops in Cannon Park (on the edge of campus), in Coventry and in Leamington so there are plenty of options to buy things. At the end of the day, your room is where you will be living for the best part of a year so it’s nice to personalise and make as homely as possible.

Do you have any top tips to decorate a great university room?


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