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Packing Lists: Final Useful Things

To round up my packing list blog series, I wanted to do a final post highlighting some of the more mundane but still very useful items to have with you.

Having some form of ID, for example a driving licence or passportis invaluable. This will be required to buy alcohol at the bars and shops as well as to get entry to clubs (including the SU). When sorting off campus accommodation, many estate agents will ask to see your passport too. In addition to my passport, I also found it useful to have some passport style photos. I ended up using one in my judo licence and have a couple of spares in case I need them. You could find a place to have them printed here though, so maybe you don’t necessarily need to bring them with you. I kept my passport photos in my “university folder” which contained my student finance information, confirmation of my place from Warwick, bank statement and national insurance number. This meant whenever I needed to confirm my bank details or apply for jobs I had the information to hand. It also gave me piece of mind that I had organised everything I needed to before I arrived!

Having some first aid supplies will also come in handy! I’m not suggesting you bring a full emergency kit but having some minor supplies will be useful if you get too ill to go to the shops. I have found having plasters, Strepsils, paracetamol/ibuprofen, bruise cream and antiseptic wipes the most useful. Having your doctor and dentist information is also handy, especially when registering at the health centre at the start of term. 

Tickets for SU events go on sale at noon on the 10September. Before I came, I bought a Freshers Pass which gave me entry to many of the events going on. I didn’t go to all the events but I liked having the option. It’s up to you whether you want to buy tickets ahead of time; some people buy tickets closer to the event if there are still tickets available. Perhaps buying a couple of tickets to events you like the sound of ahead of time is a good compromise? Saying that, there are many free events running throughout Welcome Week that you don’t need to book! (As an aside, I will also be working during Welcome Week, so come say hello if you see me!)

Finally, the most crucial thing to bring is a can-do attitude! Maybe it’s a cheesy thing to say, but you will have more fun and learn more if you go in with a positive, open mind. The university journey won’t always be easy and it won’t always be enjoyable. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile, exciting and full of new opportunities! Take it from an old fourth year – prepare yourself for a great few years!


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