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Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind: Choosing Elective Modules for Second Year

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

Despite the much needed relief of summer break, which has been on a roll for the past month or so, (even more depending on how lucky you were in terms of your exam timetable), University is never completely out of your mind. Coming back home for summer break after finishing a successful first year at University is quite a fulfilling feeling. Not only have I feel like I have learned so much from this past year of living abroad by myself, but I also met so many new people, made amazing friends and I even feel that i have developed overall as a person.

Luckily now that exam results have been released, and I can finally breathe (thankfully all went well), I have a bit of time back home to see all my friends and family, but despite this, my plans for next year are still bubbling around in the back of my head. Moving things from my on campus accommodation to the house I will be staying in next year was quite a pain and I still need to think about unpacking everything once I return to the UK, along with the painstaking decision of course selection for next years modules. As upcoming second years many of us “ex-freshers” have now experienced our first taster of the Uni life these past 9 months and now everything is about to get more serious. Gone were the days of waking up five minutes shy of a 9:00 am lecture after a crazy night out at POP, resulting in a haphazard grooming process and a rushed groggy sprint across the Piazza in desperate attempts to reach the Ramphal Building. Yes, thats right, once the fall term sets in every piece of course work, every paper we write and every test we sit, will start counting towards our degree. This is why course selection is quite crucial in terms of gauging what is most fitting for an ideal career path and each individual’s interests.

The variety of modules across the different departments at Warwick are so diverse with each module maintaining their own unique appeal, which makes module selection even more difficult, if only it was possible to attend them all. Fortunately for my course, once exams were over a few of our lecturers, personal tutors and course directors called a brief meeting to give us all a quick run down on what to expect regarding module selection for second year. This was very informative and helpful and following this meeting I was able to discuss my plans for next year with my personal tutor- a step which I personally think is very crucial prior to actually signing up for modules.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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