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Our House – Is Rootes the One for You?

As we get to the time of year when people start to consider their accommodation options, I thought it might be a good idea to give a little insight from my personal experience. I spent my first year in Rootes and absolutely had the time of my life but that’s not to say that it is for everyone. Before beelining straight for Warwick’s first ever on-campus halls of residence, maybe ask yourself these questions first…

Can you live without an ensuite?

A luxury for some, a necessity for others. Rootes doesn’t kid its tenants with claims of luxury. The bedrooms are pretty basic; there is no ensuite, no double-bed and no elaborate decoration but for some people, that is no deal-breaker. I guess it depends on what you are looking for from your accommodation.

Can you share a kitchen with 15 other people?

Rootes blocks come in the shape of a corridor (or two) of about 16 bedrooms, the inhabitants of which all share the same kitchen facilities. So maybe you struggle to remember names, you don’t like being around more than a few people at a time or you just don’t think that you could manage with that level of cupboard-sharing, this question is definitely worth considering.

Can you stop unwashed dishes from making you want to punch the wall?

Predictably, when living with about 15 people, the washing-up can build up pretty rapidly and with very little counter-action. A must-have skill for any Rootes kitchen is the ability to look at a pile of plates covered in bean juice, greasy pans and baking trays without wincing. Obviously, it isn’t an absolute must-have skill for residence in Rootes but it will certainly save a lot of aggression.

Are you a fan of lie-ins?

One of the main positives of a first-year in Rootes is that it is fantastically close to most campus buildings. This means that when it comes to dragging yourself to 9ams, you only need to be setting your alarm for about 8:50, giving you time to get dressed and wander round just in time for the start of your seminar. Rootes is a god-send for the lazy fresher!

These are only four (partially jovial) characteristics of Rootes and you obviously shouldn’t base your entire decision off of just this blog post but they will definitely help to give an insight at least into what the accommodation was like when I lived there three years ago. Having said that, the biggest piece of advice that I can give is not to worry too much about accommodation decisions – it really isn’t the end of the world and I’m sure you will have a smashing first year wherever you are!

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