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Organising your time before Christmas

I can’t believe it is that time already……week 9 with Christmas just round the corner. So for us sociology lot, we have been assigned summative assessments, which must be completed before the general deadline of January 10th however depending of the module, deadlines will differ. Therefore, what is really important in these last few weeks is managing your time effectively, which I know, is easier said than done! Because whilst we are all frantically trying to organise our work…social events, societal events and other important occasions will be going on. So, I figured I would tell you a bit about the work I’ve been assigned, the social plans I’ve made for the next few weeks and how I am organising my time.

Just to recap in case some of you haven’t read my previous blogs, my modules this term are: Designing and Conducting Social Research, Political Sociology, The Sociology of Health and Medicine and The Social Theory of Law. My favourite module this term has definitely been Health and Medicine, just because it is a radically new topic that I have never covered in my previous studies of sociology, so the content is really interesting and I definitely recommend first years to apply for this module in their 2nd year, the lecturer Simon Williams is fantastic. Out of these modules I have been assigned a portfolio which comprises of three assignments, as well as two other summative essays, so there is quite a bit I need to get done.

On top of this, I have been working at Xananas restaurant, I generally work 1/2 shifts a week, netball on Wednesday and Saturday and organising trips with my friends, such as the Birmingham Christmas Markets, going out for meals, etc. I love being busy, so this term has been fab because there has always been something to do each day.

So basically the way I organise my life might be useful for those of you who are in the same boat. Firstly, don’t stress, I know this is also easier said than done but nothing good comes from stressing and you end up not being able to concentrate which can contribute to even more stress. Secondly, prioritising. University work absolutely comes first for me, therefore I will concentrate most of my energy on that so that I don’t fall behind. I will then concentrate on other important commitments such as Xananas and Netball. So I make sure that I don’t do more than a certain amount of shifts at Xananas per week, otherwise I will have too much going on. I also try to make sure I attend as many netball matches that I can, which may not be on Wednesday or Saturday, however I try not to miss training sessions so I decide which sessions are more important and suit my schedule. Then I try to make plans with my friends, like going clubbing or even just having tea together, etc. Finally, making sure you have time for you. I know, this sounds soppy but it is really really important that you find time for yourself because your body and mind go through so much on a daily basis and will take a toll on you even if you don’t realise it. I tend to go to bed early some days so that I can get enough sleep to re-energise or I might do something that I enjoy for example, watching I’m A Celebrity (love this show) or even just treating myself every now and then e.g. a coffee at costa or some make up. Basically, finding time during the week to rest your mind and make yourself feel good will overall increase your concentration and relaxation.

It is a very busy time so the best way for me to stay calm is to organise. This enables me to dedicate the right amount of time to different priorities. If you have an alternative method that helps you then keep up with it otherwise I hope this helps you but please email me if you are struggling or need some advice. I will be posting another blog before Christmas but I hope you have a great week everyone and enjoy the rapidly approaching weekend!

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