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Organising my work

Hey everyone I hope you’re all having an fab Easter break, I’m sure you’re all appreciating not having to wake up early for lectures! Unfortunately for me, I’ve decided to stay in Leamington over the break because it is my final year and I’ve got a lot of work I need to get done so I’ve been setting myself some early alarms! Then again it is my last year so it’ll all be worth it once I’ve finished. So in this blog, I’m just going to write about how I’ve been organising my time and work because I know everybody has their own style of revising and getting essays done but this is just for people who may be struggling with organising their time.

1. Make a work schedule- the first thing that I did this break was make a schedule, in fact I collaborated with my flatmates (who are also staying over Easter), so that we all followed the same working hours. I would definitely recommend doing this with friends/flatmates because spending most days in the library can be a lonely task and it has personally been much better for me to have friends that I get up with in the morning and come home with at the end of the day. The schedule we made was this:

Set off from home at 8:45, generally getting into university for 9:30.

Work until 12:30 and have a half an hour lunch break.

Work until 2:30 and have a coffee break, because usually once I’ve eaten, I start to crash a little bit so a coffee is the perfect pick-me-up.

Then work until 3:30-4, depending on how much progress we’ve made throughout the day.

Get the bus home and chill until 6/7.

Try and get in an extra 1 or 2 hours work between 7-9pm.

Chill, watch TV or Netflix in the living room, whatever we want to do.

Obviously this schedule won’t work for everyone because I admit that when I get home I struggle to continue concentrating, however it is something that I am getting better at. Also throughout the day, after every half hour I sometimes just take 5 minutes to get a drink, go to the toilet, etc. That way it doesn’t feel like constant work.

2. Make a timetable- Once you’ve got your schedule sorted, creating a timetable so that you can track your weekly progress and make sure you’re meeting targets and finishing before deadlines. This term I have got 3 3000 word essays and my 10,000 word dissertation. At the moment I have spent the first 3 weeks on my dissertation because that is the biggest chunk. I prefer to start with what I think will be the hardest essay, because it seems much less daunting once you’ve finished. After this week, I am going to move onto my first essay and I have given myself a week to get that done. This is the same for my other two essays so it will take me three weeks (hopefully) do to three essays. To be more precise, each day I have given myself a goal, for example day 1/2/3 is reading and creating an essay plan. Day 4/5/6 is writing the essay and day 7 is just editing and making sure my references/formatting, etc. is correct.

I know this seems pretty intense but luckily this year I don’t have any exams, so all of my work is due in after Easter, hence why I’m staying in Leamington.

This might sound strange after I’ve just said my a work schedule and a timetable haha! I mean in particular you’re social life and meals for example, if you plan too much you might find that your daily routine becomes a bit too robotic and uninteresting. It is really important to do things that you enjoy because this will keep your energy high and help motivate you through university work. For example, in the evenings sometimes doing spontaneous trips to the cinema, or going out for a meal/drink is a great way to relax and have a laugh. Try and meet up with friends as much as possible in your free time and get plenty of sleep in the evening.

I hope this helps everyone! Also a little side note- it is really important to take care of your mental health this Easter and in term 3 because this is usually one of the most stressful times at university but taking care of your body and mind is more important. Drinking plenty of water, eating heathily and getting plenty of sleep is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Good luck everyone!!!

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