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Organisation in Final Year

Lucy McCormick
- History- History Society- Anything!
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As we’ve reached the end of Week 10, my Final Year at Warwick has officially drawn to a close — and what a year it’s been! It’s been very busy, which I think has made the time fly by. As the first year of relative normality after COVID, it’s been really exciting to get stuck into uni life again. Social events have been back up and running, sports clubs are back to normal, and we’ve been able to meet up with friends again. However, it’s no secret that Final Year can be pretty full on in other ways. The content of your course might become a little more challenging, and it can feel like the workload steps up a little. You might also be looking for jobs or postgraduate courses for the following year, so it can feel like there’s a lot on your plate at times. For that reason, it’s good to know what you’re going into before Final Year kicks off. If you’re prepared, well-rested, and ready to go, you can make it easier for yourself to keep on top of things and really enjoy everything your Final Year has to offer. I think organisation is absolutely key here. It doesn’t need to be an Insta-worthy bullet journal or expensive wall planner, but can be a few simple little habits which help you to keep on top of things.

  1. There will most likely be a lot to do

As you will probably know by now, a student’s to-do list can be endless. There will always be more reading or preparation you could possibly do, so it’s important to set boundaries between work and the rest of your life. Maybe write a list of the tasks you need to complete, the tasks you would ideally like to complete, and the tasks you could complete if you have time (look up the Eisenhower Matrix for a really easy way to do this). Prioritising your tasks can help you to ensure you complete the work you have to do, and hopefully make time for the things you enjoy doing. It’s important to recognise that downtime and hobbies are essential, so you need to fit them into your schedule just like any other item on your to-do list. Once you know you have time for those non-negotiable things, you have a better sense of how much time you realistically have and whether or not you can complete the less important tasks. Take some time at the beginning of the year to work out how best to organise your time so you can stay as organised as you can. For me, the best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed was to know that I had time for all the essential things.

2. Make time for the things you enjoy

As I mentioned, Final Year is often pretty hectic. It can be easy to end up with a lot of time commitments and things going on, so it’s more important than ever to make time for the things you want to do and not just the things you have to do. Whether it’s taking an afternoon to yourself, calling a friend from home for a catch-up, going to your sports club, having a movie marathon, or spending time with your housemates, these kinds of relaxed activities are key to enjoying your time at uni. You can’t spend all your time being busy and running from one task to another, so make sure you’re looking after yourself and doing fun things! As it’s your last year, it’s really important that you make the most of what Warwick has to offer and enjoy student life. Getting the right balance is always going to be tricky, but making an effort to balance work and play is the best thing you can do.

3. Think about the year in the long term

When you start the academic year in September, handing in your final assessments in June can feel like a very long time away — but trust me when I say that it flies by! Three ten-week terms go by very quickly. You might be working on a long term project, like a research project or dissertation, it’s a good idea to think about the little things you can do along the way so that it’s not a momentous task in the summer. Could you set yourself mini deadlines to keep the ball rolling? Are there smaller tasks you could get out the way sooner to save time later? Could you set aside some time each week to chip away at the bigger project? It can be difficult to juggle all the things going on in Final Year, but a little organisation and time management can make all the difference.

Lucy McCormick
- History- History Society- Anything!
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