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Organisation and motivation!

One thing that I’ve found to have an impact on productivity throughout my years at university, has been organisation. Even if you feel like you aren’t good enough at your subject, being super organised can give you the confidence to know that you get the grades you’re working hard to get. Here, I will give you some top tips to how to organise your time and retain that attitude for the rest of the academic year.

Make commitments and stick to them

This one is something that I often struggle with, and it does take a lot of willpower to even commit to committing. However, keeping your promises to yourself trains you to become more self-disciplined, and a more reliable person. To help stick to plans, I strongly suggest (especially if your memory fails you sometimes, like mine). Not only is it fun to jot down future events but you can tick them off once you’ve done them: double the fun.

Meet with your personal tutor

Having a start of year conversation with your personal tutor is compulsory, but it shouldn’t be a chore. Usually, talking to somebody about start of year concerns can straighten out any worries or confusion you are facing. Whether you are debating which modules to choose, or just need some encouragement to kickstart your year, talking to somebody older and wiser than you is exactly what you need to prepare yourself for the months ahead.

Talk to your lecturers

When preparing to write coursework, office hours are your best friend. Make the most of how knowledgeable your lecturers are about your subject, and talk to them! As Philosophy is very discussion-based, I find it very helpful to just have a conversation with somebody about a topic, even if I do find the topic extremely challenging, which to be honest is most of my modules. Like the saying goes, if you can take one thing out of the discussion, it wasn’t a waste of time*.

*I don’t think that is a real saying.

Participate in seminars

Not only will this one make you more interested in the topic, it will also keep you awake. Active participation and groupwork is one of the most effective ways of retaining information. I recently found out that our brains will forget 80% of what we learn in a lecture, so seminars are absolutely crucial in aiding your understanding and getting you them grades.


I’ve written about my love of lists before, so it’s no surprise what’s coming next. I suggest writing out not only upcoming tasks, but plans for the entire term. Mapping out tasks and deadlines can prepare you for what is to come, and helps when it comes to writing coursework.

So that’s all for now, I hope these tips have motivated you to make some important organisational changes in your day-to-day activities. Actively doing things like setting out ground rules for yourself at the start of the year will make you more reliable and will help you to think clearer to prepare your mind for lectures and seminars! Until next time, have a great month.

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