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Oral Presentations

The end of term 1 marks the time that all life sciences will be preparing for their oral presentations, scary? They shouldn’t be! If you’re in year 1 you have a practice presentation, take this one seriously. Your tutor will give you the feedback you need to get that first. Also, it lets you practise the level of detail you need to include/what you can actually remember.

My oral presentation top tips:

  • Take it slow. Not only does it use up time so you don’t have to remember too many facts but it also helps your audience understand what you’re actually saying.
  • Diagrams! They make explaining easier and often help to jog your memory. You don’t have to be picasso, the simplest of pictures will do.
  • Plan. Too many people try and wing a presentation, you may think it’s going well but to the rest of us it’s confusing to say the least.
  • Less is more. That common cliche really fits here. If you try and say too much you’re likely to get confused in yourself and that means a confused audience.
  • Communicate with your audience. No one wants to watch someone read off a piece of paper. Engage with your audience. Be enthusiastic!

Anyway, good luck! Practise, practise practise!

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