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Opportunities to play Cricket in Warwick

My favorite sport is Cricket as I am from Pakistan. This entry is for any student who shares the love for this sport and wants to know whether there are opportunities to play it in Warwick. I know I am fighting a lost cause as this sport is not as popular in younger generations nowadays as Football is, but there are plenty of diehards keeping the tradition alive.

Moving to Warwick, I was quite worried whether I would be able to get an opportunity to play the sport as easily as I did every evening in Karachi. The opportunities were not as plentiful, although they were more than I had expected. Firstly, I joined ‘Warwick Uni’s Men’s Cricket Club’. In the first 4-5 weeks of the term, they conducted squad trials and held 2-3 net sessions every week. After that, there were three squads announced: The 1 eleven, the 2 eleven and the 3 eleven. The failures at every sport like me couldn’t make it to any squad. Luckily, we didn’t have to lose hope as there was a weekly net session for Friendlies as well and we could get a chance to play once a week. The official squads also had weekly net sessions and will play there matches in term 3. Friendlies will also play T20 games in Term 3. I do not know whether this will be the best idea with exams looming around in that period. Apart from this UWMCC also conducts an international tour every year which anyone can join. Last year, they went to Carribean and this year they are in Sri Lanka. I will elaborate more on this when I will have hopefully saved enough to join the lads on their tour next year.

The resources to play are fantastic considering the rainy weather of UK. Almost all year we play indoor cricket until sun starts shining in Term 3. In indoor, Desso Hall is quite a huge place with fantastic system for nets. For outdoor, Cryfield pavilion is a lush green ground with cricket pitches.

Apart from the official system, we can also book Desso Hall as students if we are a member of Warwick Sport. Hence, every Sunday, we play cricket there in a more fun manner with all my friends around. Some Asian societies also conduct cricket matches hence confirming there is hardly any shortage for an opportunity to play.

On this note, I will re iterate my point that I enjoy Cricket here. For other sport lovers, there are even more endless opportunities and fantastic resources to play sports like Football or Rugby.

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