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Opportunities for Sport at Warwick

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University is a great opportunity to do the things you enjoy and for me that thing is sport. As a keen sportsman, much of my life at university revolves around playing five-a-side football, squash, badminton and tennis, both with friends and in a more competitive environment. Recently, I have begun to realise that I really do take for granted the sporting opportunities at Warwick. Sport is a great way to have fun with friends, meet new people, get fit and to take your mind off other things. I want to give a brief outline of the sort of things available at Warwick.


What I love most are the ‘rock up and play’ sessions which Warwick provide completely free of charge to students. This is a great way to meet new people through playing sport and also gives you the opportunity to experience the top facilities at Warwick free of charge. I take part in the 5-a-side football ‘rock up and play’ sessions twice a week and I remember that the first time I went I was genuinely amazed at the quality of the pitches – perfect astroturf, overhead netting so you never have to spend hours looking for the ball when someone kicks it as high as they can and floodlights so you can play well into the evening. If you don’t play football, you probably think I’m slightly mad but this is the dream for any keen footballer! Football is only one of many ‘rock up and play’ sessions available though. There are also opportunities to go out running in a group, to do yoga or play basketball. Whatever you are interested in, it’ll be available.


To make life even better for the sport enthusiasts at Warwick, the university is constantly investing in new facilities, the most prominent of which is a brand new sports centre which boasts a new swimming pool, squash courts, a brand new gym as well as many other things. And currently, anyone with the appropriate sports membership can book badminton or squash courts for free meaning whenever you and your mates have a few hours off from lectures, you can get a quick game in. If you don’t have membership, courts can still be booked for a small fee or if a friend who has membership has booked the court, you can still take part for just a couple of pounds which is more than worth it.  


Finally, for those who want to take their sport to a more competitive level, you can trial for the official sports teams at the beginning of the year, usually during Welcome Week. Some teams will be more competitive than others but if you don’t get into the university’s official sports teams, you can always trial for society teams too which are great in the sense that they are competitive to an extent but do tend to be slightly more relaxed as well, although this does depend on which league you play in.


So if you do choose to come to Warwick and you are a sports enthusiast, you certainly will not be disappointed with the quality and quantity of opportunities available. Likewise, if you are someone who wants to get more involved in sport but in a more casual environment, then Warwick caters for you too, especially through its ‘rock up and play’ sessions.  


Lewis Chinchen | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lewis

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