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Open Day Tips!

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Yes, once again it’s time. Time to start thinking about university choices and where you want to study for the next 3-4 years; although if you’re reading this post it’s very likely that you already have and are planning on attending a Warwick open day. Visiting a university can be daunting and overwhelming but still a great experience. I’ve put together a few things that I’ve found are useful to know or think about before heading to our campus to see what’s on offer!

Travelling to open days can often need early or late journeys, so it pays to be prepared!

Use the park and ride

Warwick hosts thousands of people over the weekend and sets up a specialised car parking system for visitors to use, for free. Each year I’ve worked on the open days, I’ve seen so many people drive into campus to search for parking; and whilst there is some it is usually taken by the usual visitors and staff. Accessible parking on campus for those who need it can be booked through the link when you book your place on the open day, but otherwise I would highly recommend using the park and ride. It takes a lot of stress and hassle out of the day, and even runs from early in the morning until the last session is over on campus, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to return!

Have your barcode ready

Assuming the same system will be in use, having your barcode saved and accessible throughout the day helps! Whether that’s keeping it at the top of your email, saving a screenshot of it, or even printing it out, it’ll speed things up and you’ll save some time waiting in queues for it to maybe load on your phone.

Bring a water bottle

While the weather might be unpredictable, you’ll likely walk an incredible amount of steps around campus, through touring and exploring. Water is easily accessible through fountains/bottle stations across campus so you’ll not be far away from one. This is especially key if it’s a (hopefully) sunny weekend. Rather than jeapordising the rest of your day, stay refreshed and hydrated! (Likewise bring sunglasses. The piazza can be glaringly bright)

Check the weather

Tying in to this, it’s worth checking the weather for an estimation of what you’ll need to bring! Raincoats have been needed before and you shouldn’t write of the chance of rain (however much we don’t want it to happen) even if it is June.

Food planning

If you’re planning on spending all day at Warwick, you’ll likely want to get lunch if not other meals here. Food outlets on campus will be open but if you go during peak hours, it’s likely you’ll see plenty of other people with the same idea. Make sure to account for this when planning out your day, or try out some of these slightly less obvious places:

  • The Phantom Coach: a cheap but good pub about a 15 minute walk from campus past Cannon Park

  • Tesco or Aldi: you can see where students tend to grocery shop while picking up a meal deal or even food for a picnic

  • Cannon Park: the shopping centre just off campus where Tesco and Aldi are also has a few places to eat such as Gregg’s or Costa if you fancy something quick and easy to have on the go!

Finally, I have a few smaller tips that might come in handy. Try and take a tour early on or later on in the day rather than the middle; whilst it isn’t always the case, often towards the end of the day the tour group sizes decrease. I said my final tip last year too, but stop and speak to the ambassadors if you have time, we love the chance to talk about our time here! (We’re all really hard to miss with all the brightly coloured shirts

See you all in June – come and say hi!



Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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