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Open Day Advice

It feels like so long ago now that I went to the open day at the University of Warwick and I can’t believe that I have finished my second year, time is flying by so make the most of it current students! So I just thought it might be useful to read a few tips for you potential students because open days may be a bit nerve racking but they’re also really exciting and I really recommend attending an open day at every university that you apply to. It helps get a feel for the environment and understand the courses you are interested in. So….some tips:

1. Apply online– don’t apply to a university before you go to the open day because you may find that you don’t like it and it would be a wasted choice. Apply online for spring and summer open days so that you have plenty of time to make your decisions.

2. Go with a friend or family member– this may sound strange but going with a friend or relative will really put you at ease and make you feel more comfortable when approaching lecturers and tour guides, plus your friend/family might have some good questions and help you navigate around.

3. Go on a tour and try to see as much as possible– I definitely recommend a tour because the guides help you get around campus more easily, they take you to places you might have missed if you went on your own and they are a great source for asking general questions.

4. Visit more than one accomodation– at Warwick we have Bluebell, New Rootes, Old Rootes, Whitefields, Cryfrield, Redfern, Sherbourne, Tocil, Lakeside, Heronbank, Arther Vick and Claycroft (sorry if I have missed any from this list). So as you can see we have lots of residential buildings and some are much nicer than others, some are more expensive and some have rooms with ensuites. More information can be found online on the Warwick Accomodation website but it is important to have a look round, you may as well.

5. Ask plenty of questions– don’t be afraid to ask questions even if they seem silly to you, try and find out as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.

6. Visit your course department and talks and finance talks– there will be scheduled talks for Sociology which generally take place in the Social Sciences or Humanities. Again, ask lots of questions and find out about the modules. Also, attend finance talks because they explain how yearly payments work and help you estimate how much you’re likely to spend for accomodation, tuition fees, etc.

7. Go to the Sports Centre and the Students Union– find out about all the societies you can join and sports teams available… me, there is a lot!

8. See where the university is in relation to nearby towns and cities– at warwick uni, students generally party and move to Leamington which is half an hour on the bus. Coventry is about 20 minutes away and Birmingham is about 30 minutes on the train.

Finally a few top questions to ask on the day:

What does the course cover? How many contact hours to I have a week? What are the assessment methods? Are there placements on offer? What is the nightlife like? What facilities are available for independant study? Which accomodation is considered most popular?

Hope this helps everyone, for those of you thinking about applying to the University of Warwick, good luck and I hope that you are successful.

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