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One more Lecture to go!

The past two weeks have personally been busy for me. I completed my last presentation for the year, it was my dissertation proposal for next year. I think it went well, however I have changed my mind slightly and want to focus on something slightly different. My last lecture is tomorrow and then my year at university is over. I’m lucky to not have any exams this year, so if you are in the midst of revising for exams – keep going, it won’t be long till they are all over!

Last week you may have had a letter from the Centre for Lifelong Learning, asking you to help promote the courses that they do by handing out a few packs to anyone who may be interested. That was me! I stuffed all those envelopes as part of my role as a student ambassador. I hope you haven’t just thrown it in the bin, and you are considering what friends, colleagues or family members to share them with.

For me the past two weeks have been quiet in regards to university work, I’m just awaiting results in now. So I made the most of my time and have been to the theatre with my John and had a lovely spa weekend away with my friend in Stratford, it was a great treat to congratulate myself on completing the year and to celebrate my friends birthday. At one point I really wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through this year. There has definitely been some lows this year, but with help and support from family, friends, CLL and other departments across the university I made it! J

This Thursday I have my first GCSE Maths paper. For any mature ‘non-traditional’ student if you are considering further study after you undergraduate degree you need to make sure you have a C or above in English and Maths. Unfortunately when I was at school I didn’t realise how important it was and I only got a D in my Maths. Therefore, this is why I’m retaking my Maths GCSE. The first exam is this Thursday and the second paper is in a couple of weeks. I’ve been doing lots of past papers (which are all available online) and I’m pretty chuffed with my marks for them – so fingers crossed for Thursday.

Outside of university I have also got involved with a ‘Parent Leadership’ group, which I’m really loving being part of and hoping it will gain me some valuable insight into the possibility of working with families when I graduate next year. The group has been set up to work alongside Coventry City Council, and especially Public Health and promoting ‘Early Intervention’ with families that need help. It’s a chance for parents to help shape services within Coventry and help young children to get the best start in life they possible can. I’ve already been to a couple of meetings. I’ve met some of the other parents and been to a Health Select Committee meeting too. In a couple of weeks we also get to meet the Acting Early Champions for Coventry to find out more ways in which we can help and how they can help us too.

To finish off for today, you may think I’m mad (and I probably am!), but I have been into university today to pick up a few books to read over the summer. I want a bit of time to look at the modules I’m hoping to take next year and get an idea of what they are all about. Plus I want to read around my dissertation subject more, purely because I want to change my focus slightly, but I also need to make sure I grasp the concept well enough to be able to produce a good piece for my dissertation. I also find that if I stop completely over the summer when I come back in October I feel like I’m starting all over again, and don’t really know what I’m doing. I don’t like that feeling and prefer to be organised.

So for now, all that is left of this academic is one lecture tomorrow, wait for my results to come in and party! Remember, if you are part of CLL we have our annual party on Friday 1 July 2016. Make sure you try and come along. Last year was great fun – free drinks, a little bit of salsa (only if you want to) and a lot of laughs. Plus a chance to see some of your tutors let their hair down a bit too!

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