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One Early Childhood Foundation Degree Completed!

So, in June 2020, I submitted my final assignment for the Early Childhood Foundation Degree. The Foundation Degree is a three year course (well, 8 terms, to be exact!), and it has been a busy three years! It has taken a great deal of commitment and hard work to complete, but it has been so worth it. I have learned so much from the Foundation Degree and I have really enjoyed it (…almost 100% of the time!). When I started the Foundation Degree, I wasn’t exactly sure the career path that I wanted to take, I only knew that I wanted a change and I wanted to find a career that I loved. I thought that I had plenty of time to decide what I wanted to do, as three years seemed like an age. But it’s not, I can tell you! I can’t quite believe that I have finished the Foundation Degree already and I’m starting the BA top up, in a couple of weeks! It would be nice to say that I now have a definite career path in mind; however, I’m still slightly uncertain of the path that I want to take. But whatever path it is, I am one step closer to it, having achieved the Foundation Degree.

As you all know, it’s been a strange year. Finishing the Foundation Degree in lockdown wasn’t the easiest. It was difficult to study from home, with my husband furloughed and our three-year-old running around; however, I managed to submit my last two assignments and complete the degree (…which I did doubt I would be able to do, when we first went into lockdown). Sadly though, due to the current situation, no graduations took place this summer so myself and my fellow students had to ‘graduate in absentia’. Obviously, that’s disappointing, as I’m sure other students in the same situation would agree, but it’s totally understandable and the ceremonies are hopefully going to take place in 2021, so the class of 2020 will still get to have their day!! And, at the end of the day, I’ve still completed the qualification and I’ve received my certificate, so I’m still thrilled with that.

My graduation was due to take place on Tuesday 14 July. I was looking forward to wearing the cap and gown and meeting up with my fellow students, to celebrate our achievement. We’d even planned a group night out, to celebrate the occasion. But, like with most plans this year, that was all cancelled! But, I still had a nice (albeit, slightly smaller) celebration, with my husband and daughter. I may not have had the opportunity to wear the cap and gown this year or collect my certificate in front of my family, and alongside my fellow Early Childhood graduates; however, I was still able to celebrate my achievement with my loved ones and, hopefully, the graduation ceremony will still take place, just in 2021 instead!

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