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Once a PPEist, always a PPEist

Lukasz Kolodziej | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lukasz

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited to start this blog about my experience with PPE at Warwick. I’m hoping that you will find my entries interesting, entertaining and useful. If you ever have any questions please feel free to drop me a comment below an entry

Well, to begin with, just a brief note on what PPE is:

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) began as an interdisciplinary degree program at Oxford in 1920, and ninety years later it has spread to well over a hundred universities around the world as either a major or minor area of study. The original idea was, in part, to provide future civil servants in the United Kingdom with an opportunity to become generalists by exploring public policy through the different lenses of complementary disciplines.

Why did I decide to do PPE? Many years ago, when I was around 12, reading about public affairs and politicians in my country led me to a profile of Radek Sikorski, one of the most skilful Polish politicians. I wondered what made him so different in comparison to the co-members of the Parliament. Well, it all led to one answer: his education. Back in the 80s, he read PPE. And so did dozens of politicians from the U.K. and all over the world, as well as the most notable journalists, CEOs and other leading change-makers of this world.

“To change the world, we must first understand it” – and this is how the dream began in 2008. 7 years later on the 5 October, the dream came true and I quickly realized that I became part of a very special group of people. Remember: once a PPEist, always a PPEist!

The Warwick’s PPE has been growing bigger and bigger and getting very international. This is really, really important and I’ll try to use a slightly changed analogy here to famous Las Vegas: In contrast to Vegas what happens in lectures at Warwick, doesn’t stay in lectures. It’s taken into many conversations after class by eager students, each with a different perspective on life the worldview. And this is when the big ideas and plans for the future come up, this is when you actually learn by questioning or being questioned on your own values and rules. This is something to bear in mind: at the end of the day you want to be not only a scholarly academic but an open-minded and world-oriented all-rounder and this is what Warwick, thanks to its enormous cultural, social and political diversity, gives you.

In the next entry, I will talk specifically about my first moments at Warwick and will try to make you understand what PPE actually is about. Stay tuned!

Lukasz Kolodziej | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lukasz

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