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On vs Off Campus Work


Many of you may like me have a low maintenance loan and need some extra money or you may just be a shopaholic and want to fund you’re habits either way you’ll be considering what part-time job you want. Warwick is situated near two cities and plenty of towns and has a rich campus so there is plenty of opportunities for work however what is better on or off campus? I have three jobs student blogger and ambassador which take place on campus and I work in a bar in Leamington called the Neighbourhood so I will share my experience of each with the pros and cons.  

On Campus 

Pros: You get to meet other like-minded students who have a proactive attitude towards getting the most out of their university schedule. -You may find a job like student blogger or doing some research that you might not even have to leave your bed for. -The University staff are very conscious about you’re studies and will ensure that your work doesn’t get in the way of them. -Jobs on campus tend to pay far above minimum wage which is better than can be said for a lot of off campus work. -On Campus work is usually fun and most likely will involve just sharing your experiences whether that’s giving tours or writing articles like this which isn’t too strenuous. 

Cons: -On campus jobs are like gold dust because there are so many students here and competition for some of the more desirable ones like working in the rootes shop is fierce. Therefore, if you’ve not had a job before it might be difficult to get one. -Many of the on-campus jobs have very infrequent pay. There aren’t open days every week so for student ambassador I earn money about twice a term which for me isn’t enough. If you’re just using it for a little extra cash it will work for you but unless you manage to get one of the highly sought after jobs which will have you working every week, on campus may not be for you.  

Off Campus Work 

Pros: -You actually get to leave campus! Sometimes despite how big the campus is you can feel a little cooped up so it’s nice to get away for a little while. -You’ll get to meet people that you normally wouldn’t. My friends at work are from sixth form, Coventry University and many of the surrounding towns and cities. It’s a nice change from just hanging out with Warwick students who of course are lovely, but you get to talk about stuff other than what’s happening on campus.  -It’s much more regular than on campus work for the most part so you’ll likely earn a lot more (unless of course you can get one of the desirable bar/shop jobs). -Since there’s more of a variety of different job opportunities you can be choosey about what you’d like.  

Cons: -Potentially late hours if you work a bar job which is one of the most common student jobs -Unless you work in Canon Park the nearest shopping centre or in Canley the nearest village then you’ll likely have to get the bus. The bus to Leamington at peak times can be slow (around 40 minutes) and you will lose some of your wages because the buses are between £2.20 and £3.20 for a single -It may not pay as well as some on campus jobs -Less likely to be as flexible in terms of your timetable as an on-campus job.   

Personally, for me I absolutely love my bar job and I consider it part of my social life and I enjoy the little bursts of extra cash my campus jobs give me. If you find the right job, you’ll know it so do whatever is best for you. If you have any questions about how I manage balancing uni and a job comment them below and I’ll do my best to answer.  

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