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On Campus Accommodation for Freshers

Blog post for incoming freshers for the 2018/19 year. As the deadline for applying for first year undergraduate campus accommodation is the this blog should be handy for anyone still unsure what the accommodations are like/ which will suit you best.

All the details regarding cost, let length and number of rooms can be found on the university website:


What to consider:

· For 2018/2019, the different accommodations vary quite wildly in price. Bluebell is by far the most expensive coming in at £181 which is a lot of money!! To put into perspective in my first year I stayed in the cheapest accommodation, Whitefields, which was £81 (2015/2016) at the time and now is only £76 (2018/2019) which is really cheap. Considering all bills are included you’ll struggle to find accommodation that cheap when you move off campus in 2/3/4 year. Prices understandably increase when the room is ensuite, so it’s a personal preference if you need an ensuite or not. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the money and it can difficult/ pricey to find off-campus accommodation which is ensuite.

· Warwick is only a relatively small campus, so the maximum distance any accommodation will be from the centre is 10/15 minute walk so location isn’t a huge factor to consider. BUT, some are notably closer than others. Most notably, Sherbourne/ Lakeside/ Heronbank will be your furthest walk which when you have a 9am on Thursday after a heavy pop sesh on Wednesday will feel like a marathon if you even dare the treck at all.

· Some of the accommodations will have a better reputation for being social, most notably, Rootes being known as the biggest party hall. Even though I believe this does ring some truth the accommodation blocks are so large you will have corridors which are extremely social and like to party most nights of the week and some which aren’t as social. Therefore the “About me” section of the application is so important, if you put you like to party and be social that’s who you’ll be put with and vice versa.

Apart from these three things which most people consider most important there are other factors to consider such as number of people in relation to number of kitchens/ bathrooms. Is it a 35 week let length where you’ll have to move all your stuff out of the room during easter or the full 40. I think the most important thing regardless of where you end up is being honest in the about me section as that’ll pair you with like-minded people and you’ll have a great first year as you should.

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